Friday, June 14, 2013

Trinkle House, Bed and Breakfast

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Last summer   our   senior adult class took a  bus trip  into SW  Virginia   to  visit   some   wonderful  old   residences that have been transformed into  B and B's and  my favorite is Trinkle House in Wytheville... 
 photo LateJune2012111.jpg

A marvelous  restored Georgian home...  every attention has been given to detail... 
 photo LateJune2012110.jpg
with   gorgeous outdoor porches and gardens
LateJune2012118 photo LateJune2012118.jpg photo LateJune2012130.jpg photo LateJune2012122.jpg
to the   immaculate   inside .. here you can see the entry hall from my vantage point standing  within the  Romeo balcony upstairs.
 photo LateJune2012102.jpg
The upstairs landing hosts this cosy parlor available to  a  comfortable  outside  balcony.
 photo LateJune2012101.jpg the  next floor   also provides a nice landing   with stairs  leading to yet   another   story...
 photo LateJune2012099.jpg
 Back on the  first floor  you see  a  comfortable parlor
 photo LateJune2012086.jpg
adjacent to  a formal  dining room where we were treated to afternoon tea!
 photo LateJune2012085.jpg
 a hide-away very private library was  beyond this... sorry for the unclear photo,  but it was  so   yummy!
 photo LateJune2012082.jpg
 This magnificent fireplace
 photo LateJune2012079.jpg
 graced the study    outfitted with  deep  very   restful  leather  couches and chairs.   But my favorite  place was the sunroom next to this study....
 photo LateJune2012080.jpg
  This   room  was   extremely  comfortable and   so  gorgeously outfitted with  every type of reading material one could  ever wish for.   This is where our hostess  plans  her  daily breakfasts. 
  Her kitchen is even open to us..
 photo LateJune2012081.jpg
Oh, so you'd like to see some of the accommodations!  This room is my favorite!
 photo LateJune2012090.jpg

 photo LateJune2012091.jpg  photo LateJune2012088.jpg
 photo LateJune2012087.jpg
 Every room  is en suite!
 photo LateJune2012094.jpg
 photo LateJune2012095.jpg
As grand as this home  is,  every  detail is  executed for the  guests  pleasure and comfort....I would love to spend a week here...   oh,  I forgot to mention there is a  fabulous home theater in the basement.. This  B&B is  located  at one end of Main Street  very near a  lovely bakery,  but  shops are  within an easy walk, too...   A perfect place for  pampering and   enjoyment of beauty and grace!


  1. Oh boy...I'm ready to go right now. It really looks delightful!

  2. What a beautiful place! I love the porch and gardens of this quaint place. It's so great to stumble on to places like these filled with charm and beauty.


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