Thursday, July 4, 2013

Low key Celebration

Happy Fourth of July!
I love   my country and I praise   the Lord  for  the many   ways he has blessed us....  and  one of the way has been this cool a nd   wet   summer  we've had so far....   many say we've  had    far too much....  
Photo: Flooding forces evacuations, causes cancellations and closures throughout Roanoke >>

Joel Hawksley | The Roanoke Times
here  is a  news   photo  showing   the Roanoke River  out of its banks today

 and  it has been   rather  a lot  com paritively  from other years... but  Im loving every  moment of   the rain.. Today being a holiday,   it was impossible to tell   what to expect... the rain and sun   played     with our   we  just decided to  play the  day by ear.... I could smell  our neighbors  firing up their grills  trying to   get  a hamburger   going..... maybe they did ...   but  we decided to play it safe!
Lynn jumped in  the truck and  headed out to Sonic Burger...

 We   reminiscied  about   other  Fourths    through the  46 years  together...  WOW!
 And   agreed this one was  the easiest one yet!
 Candlelight  added to the romance.... and   kept the  skeeters  at bay!

 I particularly liked the  no effort  
set up/ cleanup  this celebration afforded us!

    Our sweet neighbor, Janet,   came over and  brought us  our dessert...   fresh picked raspberries from their garden!


Well, I did say low key!
We actually did  get it  all fired up a nd it  was   pretty awesome... but I cant  get the   thinky to load!
  Oh well!  it's funnier this way!

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