Monday, August 5, 2013

Eucharisteo (531-539)

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531.  The promise of new life   in the spiritual and the physical   ever being manifest in  our lives!
532.  The joy  of  anticipation  and   reflection

 today                                     25 years ago

533.  The surprise of finding   wonderful treasures   stored away  for  such a time as this...  more  about that later!
534.  The  provision  of   spiritual  sisters  when physical   ones   were never forthcoming.

535.    Precious hours  spent  in  sharing  life's   struggles,   and   Holy Spirit's  edification    which led to spiritual  warfare  which   birthed    breakthroughs....  God's Word is powerful and   trustworthy!
536.  My dear  husband who works so very hard to   keep   things going around  the house and lawn....what a blessing he is to us!
 photo evdningyard010.jpg
537.   The wisdom of  our   daughter  who   counselled me  in a very   disconcerting time recently..  God's love for me   never  fails to  astound me!

538.  Late summer's   sunset  hues that   inspire  and   pacify me.
 photo Summerday002.jpg
539.The  wonder and   appreciation of fast  food   nearby  on  such an evening as this!!!  

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  1. With the Irish music in the background I am filled with memories of my trip there in '96. That Irish blood (even one drop) runs deep in our veins.


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