Monday, August 5, 2013

Green is the Word

I am in  such a  green mood   lately....I suppose   mainly because everywhere I look   things are   just  growing and growing....I  love the  rain   and cooler weather of this summer....  I love  today's weather....  a  temperate 75  degrees   now at  3pm....   Lynn is  actually   painting   the outside of our house... something he has been   wanting to start  all  summer...but  things  kept getting in the way!   It is a lovely   time....   
    photo 081de370-728d-4f45-89d8-fd467d2d900f_zps4dbca0c3.jpg
Personal struggles with  my mom     have  settled for a   short span  today and I can actually be home  for a  while  so he is free to  climb  up  on the house.... I  dont  dare   want him up there   unless I am home.... but yes,,,   the  illness    that  mom is  experiencing  offers  a  different  sense of  green....   a  an unpleasant   kind of green that   is unsettling....  that  sets   the mind to wondering,  "what  next, Lord?".. 

 Then there is another  kind of  joyful green...   another   kind of   growing....   
Our  Lil  Birdie is just growing and growing   doubling  every week it seems....
How   would I   describe  this green...
a lovely  spring  green  of  new life and wonder....   and   a  green  that  is   so  marvelously filled  with  joy and  anticipation,   we   can  hardly  contain   our  exultation!
Green has so many connotations  that I never  considered before... photo Fatherday014.jpg
God  most certainly   is the  creative Master   of the universe   as He gives us the myriad    hues of    color....   and each and every   shade   can resonate   a different  sense  or  feeling or memory  in our  lives....I   love how   I can  see   the  whole  matrix of   life,   its joys and  struggles   in  each   view of God's world  and   it reminds  me   that  we can find   peace and solace,   joy and relief,,   peace and rest  if we   remember to   turn it all,   the good and the bad,  right back into God's  safe keeping....  What a blessing!  He is there all the time!

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  1. Lovely post! I'm so behind on things, but I'm back in the blog world, as you know, and I'm even on Bloglovin, which is where I'm following your blog. Your beautiful daughter is soon to have a baby! A very belated congrats to you all. Yay!

  2. I love the way you put this - how all these events in your life are a different green, but put together, with God, are good. I am glad you're able to be home with your husband so that he can do these things with you there - wishing we had the more temperate weather now - it is hot an humid from sunrise right now!
    Congratulations on the baby - so very exciting - hoping for lots of love, patiences and kindness in your week - all shades of green! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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