Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1000 Gifts (559-565)

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559.  I was  successful today in  loading 2 large  bagfuls of   "stuff" and clothing  to take to the goodwill.....  yayayayayaya.. the secret is to keep a couple of bags handy!
If I tried,   I could fill one of these!
560. My  dearest  husband  is   such   a  hard worker around the home....   getting the outside of the  home  painted, and winterized...   what would I ever do without him!

561.  God is so  faithful in answering  our prayers....    562.  Our sweetest  and only daughter  will be delivering  her    first  baby     soon....   may it  be   an easy, uncomplicated delivery...

563.  I have broken the ice      as  co-chair  of  the Benevolent Committee   at my church starting in October....   Ive already     laid the groundwork for   my    responsibilities and   gotten a couple of balls in the air....praying I can stay  ahead of the
His power and grace  I  can!

564.  Looking forward to the choir retreat this weekend   when we   spend  almost a dozen hours   planning and  practicing  for the  Christmas  pageant...  this will be  our first   one of these to do as a couple.   Im trying to see this as a blessing...  does sound like  a   long,  tiring  weekend....  but  Im   focusing on the joy! 
565. Im very excited   that   Community Bible Study  has started and   I love my  small group leader and   the dynamics of the group!  Looks like a  fabulous year ahead!  

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