Monday, September 23, 2013

One Thousands Gifts (566-575)

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566.  The  autumn weather is such a blessing
567.  Our new   car  is   a  real  surprise when  I   actually think  that  we   were able to do this right now...Thank  you, Lord!
568.      Our  Christians United to Pray event  last Friday night was  such a sweet  and   precious time where   around 35  believers from various churches  met together  to worship and pray and it   was held in our church which  made it all the sweeter....   again, thanks be to God for  working out the  details  in advance  to bring this all about 
569.  "Step by step He leads me and I will follow Him all of the way"...   the Lord  is leading me    into a new  season of  growth   in Him  and   it is a  longed for adventure!
Seasons of breakthrough   are   wonderful   blessings!
570.  Sometimes I  cannot believe the freedom and boldness  that   the Spirit  is  allowing me to   have   during this time of my life... to   do  amazing   things  in  his  kingdom....   "Obedience is the very best thing for those who do believe!"
571.  The  beauty of  the heavens  this week...   almost too  lovely to behold...
Photo: WDBJ7 viewer Jon Riggins sent us this photo of a rainbow taken from the Kroger parking lot near Tanglewood mall in Roanoke. See/share more photos here:
source WDBJ7 news 
572.  Can anything be   sweeter than my hubby doing the vacuuming today  as he  does all the time because  it aggrevates my allergies...
573.  There is   such  an amazing  thrill in  my heart as   we await  good news  of   our daughter's  delivery of our  first  grand daughter!
574.  Wonderful anticipation  as  we   count  down the minutes  til we meet our  best friends  for  dinner  out at Carrabas....
575.The   sense of accomplishment   in getting more and more    organizing done around the house.   Today  several bookcases were  reorganized and  books and pamphlets were  sorted  and  several   boxed for the Goodwill.

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