Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Labor Day Adventure

It has been a wild ride  this Labor Day weekend....should we or shouldnt we  for   over  2 weeks of deliberating....  I   love our car,   it has everything on it I ever wanted,  sunroof,  leather,   a newer radio with bluetooth and all the digital  gizmos  one could ask for,    and  I loved  its looks..

  But it is  12 years old and   has  over  120,00o miles....   so   we  finally  jumped over the moon and  bought a new one...  We are on our way to    make the trade and   even though it  is a more moderate  model,  it is   fresh, new...er, heheheh, and  has   very low miles, and  will be a safe  and   durable ride  when we  go see Little Birdie in a few weeks time..
So off me go!


  1. I thought I was bad... my car is 8 years old and I love it. Do you think I might can keep it a few more years? huh.

  2. Yay! So exciting! :) We'll be seeing it and you soon!
    a + b

  3. Yay so exciting! we'll be seeing the new ride and you very soon!



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