Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zillow Proves it can be Done!

Don't you  love to peruse the internet for  helpful     sources  for improving  the home...

 photo 2012-10-22231424_zps851f571a.jpg
 photo July2012118.jpgMy mind set  this autumn besides  thinking of  getting   the pumpkins and   colored garlands   out of storage,  is   to think of   a  general  reordering of  the household.... possibly because  more and more I am thinking on what  we need to do to this house ready to make it   sellable... don't get me wrong.. I love this house,  but   I dont like   the stairs...and so many of my  friends   are   moving into patio homes....   which have   a certain allure for me...but     to   make  any kind of move requires a  major   paring back....   and organization....
 hard to believe that I have been through   the  curio cabinet   several times lately trying to  scale  back....
 photo July2012117.jpg
One of several hutches    demonstrates   my   weakness for    china...   and   as seen here,   rooms   filled   with too much  "stuff"!
 photo IMG_4349.jpg
My house is looking  just  like  grandma's and since Im   almost   a new grandma,   Im thinking   chances are if I dont start  in to   shedding   a  bit of stuff     the house  will really   begin to look like a hoarder's home without much provocation!  I get my inspiration to   de-clutter  from looking at  homes for sale on "Zillow"  ..... love that site,   but  I sure do have  my work cut for me!

I dont know... seems almost   nigh unto impossible to me!!
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  1. Just one room at a time - that's how I do it and try to completely finish that room too! I have to reign myself in at times :)
    I've not visited Zillow - will check it out! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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