Thursday, January 16, 2014

January House Plants

My wonderful friends and family have been so attentive and loving to us  during the time of the loss of Dad  in December.  One very tangible  way they have shown their love is  in the   gorgeous plants  they  sent and brought to us.
This  delicately  beautiful  orchid from my  dear  cousin, Cindy, is one such example...  Oh, how I pray I can keep it going.   So far so good,  Ive had it now  over a month...
During the very cold snap  I   brought all of them  into the dining room from the sunroom ... 
but now  the plants are  valiantly gracing other rooms!
These  magnificent peace lilies flank the fireplace !

 They lift the atmosphere  and put me in the mood for   spring... their vibrancy  and   life giving  oxygen  also lift the spirit!
I love how commanding they a re in the room...

'Connection with gardens, even small ones, even potted plants, can become windows to the inner life. The simple act of stopping and looking at the beauty around us can be prayer.'
Patricia R. Barrett

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  1. I love the orchid. It's almost like having a breath of spring in your home. I have several and they are all blooming at this time. I hope you do keep this beautiful plant going for many years of pleasure.

  2. Your plants and flowers are beautiful and a wonderful reminder of the love and care your family and friends have bestowed upon you. God is loving you through them. Have a lovely day and thank you for sharing at my HOME.



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