Friday, January 10, 2014

One Thousand Gifts (610-614)

A Holy Experience

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610.  the   wonderful grace of my  beloved cousin, Pamela,  whom I love like  the sister I never had,  her  sweet , just because, phone calls  in the past month   have  meant so much to me...bless her little pea-pickin' heart!
This  photo of a photo is not the best,  but  the memory  endures as  very special  (Paula, Pam and Dad)
611. the lucid  visit I had with momma  this morning.. when she was able and  very  purposely  told me everything she knew I needed to hear  her say from her own heart.What a blessing!

612.  the deepening friendships   with some special church folk   that has grown out of  my dad's passing....God's love  through His children  strengthens and encourages  like no other much of the time!
613.  the   dusky twilight of  these  mid January  eves   cast  their  muted grays   through the window  in ways that  say. " have you noticed, the days are getting a little longer?" 
614.  The richness of the mug of dark hot cocoa  topped off with the  pillows of  marshmallows   fixed my Pamela's loving hands  as my Christmas goodie  warmed the cockles of heart!!!!I hope it doesnt  make "Pam"  miffed by my occassion "Pamela"  when I look at her I see sweet Pamela of our  younger days!

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