Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Book Chat Tea Begins to Take Shape

If you have been following my blog you know how much I love planning a tea.   This link   will   refer back to my plans for the  Book Chat Tea  I am planning for late March..  a    recent  post  told how  my theme  is inspired  by   CS Lewis  partly because 

of his wonderful tea quote:'
"You can't get a cup of tea big enough

or a book long enough to suit me."

And because of his love of books!
I have been working  on  the house a bit the earlier post I showed how I  rearranged the furniture for  cozy chatting,   but  I have been  working now on    decor,   the menu, and  some favors.
One of the favors   is found here.
( A gorgeous template for a CS Lewis bookmark)

Because I am using my blue and white china  I  was  bringing out my    blue hydrangeas  along with  the early springs ...besides, blue hydrangeas make me so happy!  
I am also  so very excited  to be using my new framed blackboard...  Seeing these on Pinterest  just  pulled me right in..I was going to  try to make one until I found this one at  AC Moore...the perfect foil for  sharing my  tea party menu! 
I mentioned in my earlier post that the room arrangement was a work in progress...  there were  remnants of Christmas past  still in evidence...
Now  there are more  hydrangeas
mixed in with  potted plants ...
 Springtime greens  set in  diamante  is always   a good choice!
The wall hanger   has lost  its  yule look  and  now is the  mass of  meadow glasses   with   a regal  hydrangea or two!
 So now Id say the reading parlor   is  draped  for the occasion
 As  my  If Teacups Could Talk  book  says,   it is best to  take tea out of doors,  but if you can't  bring the outdoors in!"
 Uh, oh.... Even as I pan around the parlor I glimpse a bit of  left over  valentine roses in the dining room....  

well, onward we go as  we  continue to plan  this   wonderful experience....  sharing heart, hearth, and home around a great book and a cup of tea!

Since many of my menu items are    new to me,  I will be posting more about those  this coming week...   and  goody for me....  I have been working in the dining room now and have much more to share   so please    click  the read more  button!!!!!!!!

Well, it is   a couple or hours later...   and I have  been  working diligently in the dining room... things are shaping up nicely..
I decided to layer the cloths for  a richer  old English   look...  and to  incorporate   my   blue   and white  accented with yellow theme. 
 One of   teapots I will be using is  Daffodil,  by Windsor...some of my  transferware  will be
Wedgewood, Countryside 
 Royal Warwick, Lochs of Scotland, Loch Duick
Wedgewood, Romantic England Collection, Willy Lotte's Cottage 
A lovely floral  made in England  but I have no idea the  pattern... 
I  made my first purchase on Etsy last month for the   beautiful  teapot sugar and creamer  made in USA by Taylor Smith Taylor,   but alas, the  teapot is so stained  even a great  vinegar soak didnt   help it much....   but the   other  two   pieces are pristine
 the teapot does make a nice  flowerpot after all.
I didnt see a pattern name on these... if anyone knows Id love to know, too 
 paper napkins will  work well this time
  The hutch is ready  for spring as well as a bit of St. Patrick's 
The    Bluebird Angel  is   under cloche
the walls are  decked out with   blue and white  radiance 

 The Little Blue Teapot my mom and dad made in their crafting days  found a home on the that!
as well as  my great grandmothers'  hobnail and  blue cut glass urns are  ready for   fresh  daffodils from my yard  when the  appointed time  arrives!

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  1. looks wonderful! i know you'll have a lovely afternoon with your sisters. love your chalkboard! very chic!!!

    love you,

  2. Looks like you are ready for a lovely tea time. Enjoy!

  3. Love this table and the blue and white dishes are wonderful. I'm sure you will be serving Turkish delight!

  4. Such a lovely table. The blue and white is gorgeous.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Your blue and white is gorgeous and your theme inspired by CS Lewis sounds wonderful. I so enjoy his writings too. Blue hydrangeas are such delightful blooms. Thank you for sharing and coming to tea. Have a lovely week.


  6. Looks like great fun and I know they will love it all with those pretty transferware dishes. So glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea.

  7. Your Book Chat tea is coming along nicely. It is going to be wonderful. I love blue and white ... very welcoming. Happy Tea Day!

  8. I have a Jane Austen book club, and your setup is just lovely. Something about a good book and tea! I have a rubber stamp with the quote you listed. It is perfect for all us tea and book lovers. Such a spring like feel to your table you created!

  9. Your special upcoming tea is shaping up nicely and it will be fun to see photos afterwards.

  10. Hi: I just have to say your cups are stunning. Love all the blue. My favorite is the Hobnob from your Grandmother. How very precious to own them. Sending hugs your way. Martha

  11. A book chat is such a lovely idea! I can't wait to check in with you in the future and see more. The hydrangeas are lovely and so perfect with the blue and white. I'm completely in love with the little hobnail creamer though. I love hobnail to pieces. Hope your week is shaping up nicely. :)

  12. Seeing your blue and white always thrills me. It looks so fresh and cheery. I think I love all the patterns you have, I couldn't pick a favorite.

  13. You have certainly created a wonderful atmosphere! Very cheery and inviting!

  14. Wonderful! I just love blue and white. You've done a marvelous job making everything so inviting!


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