Friday, March 7, 2014

Choose to be Willing

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Now to lead into this week's topic you really should visit Lisa Jo's site and see the driving force behind this week's topic.... the story begins with her! today's word:  willing
It wasnt until I retired  that I fully began to  understand  the   full meaning of the word...  Up until that time,   life was so harried as  an elementary teacher,   mother, homemaker,    that  everything  seemed assigned,..  I was  in my  "have to get it done" mode....  with very little  determination to just strike out and volunteer or  take on anything  with "Here I am, Choose me attitude"
 Then  all of a sudden    the  drama of the empty nest, the  quiet, long hours    opened up that  willing...ness in me to  devote my  time into  worthwhile endeavors....   but more than  that,  I  learned a very   beneficial  lesson   that  has  edified me, spirit and soul....  that of   just  saying yes,  whenever a  need arose  in  the church...I  learned how to  lean on  God more   by getting out of my comfort zone and  just pouring  out my life  for  the cause of  Christ... 
It was  then that  the well-spring of growth   in  my faith,    confidence in God's   help,  and  renewed vigor  took    wing  within me....   days  seemed   to soar   from one  adventure to another,    life  had   renewed purpose and  the labels   which had previously defined me  were replaced with  a true essence of   myself as  an individual.... I found  myself...  all because of  choosing to be willing!


  1. Your description of how your life was transformed because you chose to be willing is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your experience. Visiting from FMF. Esther

    1. Thanks so much for the word of encouragement!

  2. I love the idea of writing for 5 minutes without giving thought to the subject. Thanks for being willing to do that and share lovely thoughts.


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