Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter Plans

I, along with  5 other   great friends  are planning   another   lovely  adventure.... planned for mid-April,    Easter week. Our church supports  a wonderful    inner city   mission  in our   fair community.
Located  right  next to downtown  Friendship House hosts    needy families  in providing after school care and tutoring,  child-care, and  help for struggling families, as well as,  Bible study for  mom's.  Our city has   recently  begun receiving a number of refugee families from Africa and Nepal.  Missions like this one and another  downtown help to  give these families a leg up finding them housing,  household goods, and  jobs.
My friends and I  are very excited to  give  these children an Easter party.
We are planning on  decorating Easter cookies with  the  kids,  meeting with them one on one,,  well,  one on three,  to  connect,  share the love of Christ, and  we will have  some    fun learning activities as well... One of the  ideas  I found here.  
As we read the  Easter story  we will  create this  great wreath  to leave with them  for their class.
 I  want to teach the kids this   fun  way to pray
 Five Finger Prayer
Thumb (people who are close to you) – when you pray. Give thanks to God and ask his protection on your family, friends, and classmates.
Pointer (people who point the way) – These are leaders in your life, such as teachers and pastors. Pray for wisdom and  strength to do their mighty work!
Tall Finger (people in authority) – The big people in the world need prayer too. Ask God to give wisdom to our government, military, and police.
Ring Finger (people who are weak) – This is your weakest finger. Remember others who are sick, live in poverty, or are treated badly.   Pray for  God’s help!
Little Finger (your own needs) – God wants to hear your needs too, especially when you put others first. Pray for you to grow up wisely, strong, and good.  That you will  always turn to  God    follow Jesus as your savior!
 That way they will always have with them  the tools they will need to   pray  for   themselves and others.
I cant wait to  meet with  the other ladies next week and  put these plans together  over  a  lovely  spring luncheon here.... yayayaa.. another  fun event to plan... but  the key word is "S-i-m-p-l-e!"

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  1. praying that the children will be blessed by all of your efforts! so glad there are ministries like this one in the area.

    love you and proud of you for serving!


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