Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas is for Food!

Sandra of Diary of a Stay At Home Mom has a delightful December meme going on through the month celebrating the joys of Christmas.

I never   learned how     some folks can  get through the holidays and never gain an ounce....  I guess I never learned how to  fix the food,  but  somehow remove the  calories  or the carbs!  Drat it all!
  But when I think of  Christmas   food is  a huge element....
I mean, even today  when I stopped in at Food Lion I was thinking  ok,   what  am I going to fix for the kids  when they arrive for Christmas and I was mentally thinking of all  our favorites!  MY mind  automatically went to cookies....  like these  mini  cheesecakes  which Amanda  loves, and  the  peanut butter  cookies with  chocolate kisses   that  Joshua  craves!
 It seems  that  meals  leading up to Christmas  usually  are  party-ish and  festive...  serving up every one's  favorite party food.

 Shrimp cocktails, ham biscuits, and mom's signature potato salad  and usually  fruit trays  line the  table... I found that using  smaller plates does serve to help cut down on serving sizes at Christmas,  as long as I can limit myself to just one plate full!

At least once  during  the Christmas  celebration we  have to serve up  a country breakfast with   delicious sugar cured ham, and eggs, 

   with  sides of   sausage gravy and  home baked biscuits!

 And at least one meal  I try to    keep it light and  easy...   soup  and salad.. this time it was  a delicious  roasted  pepper and tomato  soup.....
 IM pretty sure this was the  year  when  in Boston,  I had  discovered Trader Joe's  wonderful line of soups!  Sure wish we had a TJ here!

   A festive  winter's salad and roasted  veggies  and a  sumptuous roll rounded off this    lite side  supper!

In an early post I shared  a tradition of our annual Christmas Morning brunch....  I will  give recipes for these   delectable   items  in a future post.
Of course,   what holiday home would be  complete without  a bit "o sumthin' to  take the  cravin' off  between meals....
   But again, one of my favorite  ways to treat my family is in breaking the fast    .  Sometimes   we only get  a late morning  breakfast and then a  full    festive dinner!   Well,  mainly,  probably,  I have a bunch of sleepy heads in my family!


  1. Love all the past pictures of food you posted- must ave brought back wonderful memories for you! Everything looks delicious!

  2. OH my goodness, I am so hungry after reading and looking at your photos. I have to agree, I don't know how anyone goes through the holidays without putting on weight LOL

  3. Oh, you're making me so hungry! [Note to self: don't read Blogmas posts about food before you've eaten breakfast!] your post!!!!


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