Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Traditions in my Home Country

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Each  day of December  we have been sharing on each of the  above topics about Christmas.  Today is the 17th,  today  it is

Since I live in the US  we are  a melting pot of the world....
We  enjoy the whole    wonderful array of  Christmas  delights.
1. Christmas trees...  Germany
 start going up   right after Thanksgiving....  and many households have more than one.   I have  friends who have one in bedrooms and bathrooms..
I only have 3 ... this  small one stays up all year and is decorated by the season.
The other artificial tree  goes in the parlor.
 And  the  real tree  goes in the  sunroom for the kids... We will  have the lights on it,  but always wait til they arrive  at Christmas to  decorate it together.

2. Christmas cards.. England
  I love to send greetings to  everyone...  many years I will send  over 100 cards...   but this year   life has been so   up and down,   I  sent  about  75  electronically  using  Jacquie Lawson cards.. which I  absolutely love...  and   only about  30   by post!
3. Music..  global
Music is   the essence of Christmas to me  and again  there is  a  multiplicity of  range of  carols  played in our home.   I Love the old traditional carols,  but also the  medieval chants and     Christmas madrigals,  the Celtic songs,  and  the    popular  standards of the season   White Christmas,  I'll Be Home for Christmas, Etc. This year I cant wait to share the   fabulous Christmas  production  our choir  shared  last week in church   with our family...

4. Poinsettia.. Mexico
the  gorgeous  red of the    poinsettia  with its  story of  redemption   is a  beautiful  addition to American homes,  restaurants, malls, and churches.

  5. Nativity..  and  Advent..
the  reason for the season...  the  reason why  so many of us   will only say 'Merry Christmas' and not "Happy Holidays"
  to celebrate the  Christ child...  God in flesh and bone...
come to earth to redeem His  people.. that  their sins  will be     forgiven, through repentance and  turning  their  hearts  away from the  world and  live  the purposeful lives   that God  had originally ordained  that they live  and  thus be restored  in relationship to God, the Father.  We remember  this  act of love and  mercy  through the Nativity,    and   the  advent  celebrations..

Many people   decorate with  Creche's

and live nativity's  at  churches
 We  celebrate  advent Sundays  at church

  and in our homes

Since Christ is the light of the world...     we celebrate  with  candles everywhere

Churches everywhere hold  candle light services every Christmas Eve!

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