Thursday, February 26, 2015

Before and After

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Today I  happen to have a before and after to share.... actually   maybe two....     I inherited  a chair from my mother....  she had it  by her bedside in the nursing facility  for a few years and so it  was getting rather  dingy... I wish I had a photo of   that chair,   but  alas,  I cant find one,  but it  is a fine chair....  my mom actually let me  purchase the chair in 1964  when I was  a freshman in HS and taking Home  Ec...  I  was  very interested n  interior design and  my project was to redo my bedroom...  my room being small, this chair  has  very small lines....  and is the perfect  bedroom  chair!
So when I  received it...   Amanda and I took it straight away to get it reupholstered  to  go in  lil Birdie's room.
The moment Amanda and I saw this Jacobean print.. we knew it was the one....  
  the  pale blue background  perfectly matches the new wall paint.... the  whimsical flowers  so youthful yet  graceful for  our sweet  little   granddaughter...

  I  haven't bought a new chair in  decades....   not when the  lines and    construction of older  chairs   is  so   appropriate to me...  so  we get chairs  redone   over and over again.
 When hubby's  chair  got to looking  sort of sad .
 photo 2013-01-25052134_zps04e12c2d.jpg
 I took it  to get it redone, as well. I liked this  color combination because it  easily could  be used  either here in the den, or in the parlor....  so I was  desiring to   try to stay in the same palette...   but  I ended  up with    something quite different,  after all...
 I definitely didn't play it safe with a  stripe... but when  all out with  paisley!
Our daughter Amanda  has been asking to see the  finished    product....    so I took this photo without the flash.....  but  once the flash  goes off it  revels in its   bright  tones and  hues...

  but  once the flash  goes off it  revels in its   bright  tones and  hues...

a close-
up of the pattern....
  It is a bit wild...   but   I love the way it  warms up the room!!!


  1. Oh, what a pretty chair and I love that Jacobean print on it! The second one is just awesome too! What a beautiful paisley print. They really don't make furniture like they used to so you're probably wise to recover if you love the chair! I'd take either one! ;) Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Very pretty. Both chair would find a welcomed place in my living room!!

  3. WOW! Looks great!!!!! I'm sure it's more comfy too ;-)

    love you,


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