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Day 5 ONward to the Ring of Kerry part I

We were heading northwestward toward the Ring of Kerry now...The Ring of Kerry (Irish: Mórchuaird Chiarraí) is a 179-km-long circular tourist route in County kerry, south-western Ireland. Clockwise from Killarney it follows the N71 to Kenmare then the N70 around theIveragh Perninsula to Killgorlin – passing through Sneem, Waterville,, Caherciven, and Glenbeigh – before returning to Killarney via the N72.
 The mountains  we passed through  were part of the McGillicuddy Reeks Ranges

 Such pretty  villages    a lovely place to call home   everywhere we went!
 I particularly   loved the thought of living out on the  moors    in a cozy cottage.. In the  fall the    what looks like bracken now   is actually  heather  which  will bloom   purple...

 Then we  could see   we were right on the edge of the peninsula heading south...  Across the waters you can  almost make out the Dingle Peninsula.

 The coastline  of Ireland  is  very   ragged with  undulating peninsulas and   inlets and  bays.
 Above the   golden  gorse  shrubs  you see the Dingle Bay  and  the mountains of Dingle.
 Such  gorgeous  smooth, blue   seas
 I just love the seacoast of Ireland   you never know what you'll see around each corner!
 I  really  focused in on Dingle here.. thinking yet again of my favorite  Irish film, Leap Year!!!
 Our tour guide told us day after day how very fortunate we were in the weather,  that  most  Irish  tourists  never see what we are seeing here  because  it was so  sunny and clear!

 I loved the  aqua blue of the water!
 also how the mountains   come right down to the   water's edge!
 I could so easily live over there....  wow.. can you   imagine the  purple in the   late summer!
 have you noticed  that  there is no  touristy  development along the water's edge....  that is  what is so special about Ireland...   They protect  the beauty and   the   quality  of life.
 Absolutely    beautiful...   remote  and undamaged by the greed of man!
 Ok,   notice  no trees on the mountain..    Just  heather   and     bracken!  we are moving up into the uplands    of the peninsula   but oh  there is still so much to see!

 Barren  slopes     that  grab a hold of your imagination   and  make you  wonder about living there  over the  eons   of time.
 Not so green here...     the land is boggy  and   lots of peat here...

 I  am  finally really seeing the Ireland I love... that Ive read about     I could so live in  a remote area like this    we were told that during the  migration  of the Irish  during the famine   whole families either left or were  wiped out...   abandoned cottages  are everywhere   perhaps  I ,  my family can lay claim to one and I can reclaim my  Higgins heritage...

 After thinking that  our guide told us   these  house  can be bought for around 200, 000  just a bit over  200,000 dollars...   so I starred  really dreaming!

  So traveling the Ring of Kerry  mile after luscious mile is like discovering an old trunk in grandma's attic and  you never know what you might pull out of it next!

 wow and we weren't even  half way through our ride!
 I think  our guide named these    villages   but  I have no idea   where they are,   but I do love them so!
 The  seas is  working its way   back into view now... just as  it has   cut these  deep   trenches into  Ireland's  coastline over the millenia  it continues to    create  new vistas.

 So placid and serene!

 One never knows if   an upturned stone was    ancient  inspired or   just a  ruse    by  a current landowner,  but  one can still hope!  Soon we took a   bathroom break and got out to stretch our legs...
 see that house  it  was built by and  belonged  Charlie Chaplin!  Looks like something is going on over there...  hard to tell as I   have focused in on it  as much as possible  because actually is  it
 way over there.. can you imagine    such a   lot to build on!  And the view!

 Sorry of the glare  and blur  but I loved that most all the bridges were  like this....  perfection!
 But now yet again we were   moving  ever upward   toward the  peninsula's   tip!

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