Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hodgepodge Wednesday

Just click the button and return to Joyce's fun site!Each week Joyce offers a few thought provoking questions to answer and to just enjoy getting to know each other here in blogland! So this will be my first shot at it.

1. June is National Great Outdoors Month. Have you spent any time appreciating the great outdoors this month? If so where, and if not do you have any plans to enjoy the great outdoors before the calendar turns?
Well, when the weather is this hot 90 and above, I tend to try to enjoy the outside from the inside, or at least from a comfortable porch... this week I enjoyed my aunt's lovely porch...

Now right there on the porch you'll find a bit of wildlife... a bronze turtle!

This charming porch is such a wonderful gathering place....

but it is much better suited for taking an afternoon repose 

and enjoying the woodland visitors you will see every day! 

2. What's a current hot button issue for you?

I have to agree with Joyce's hot button topic... well, for me it is all things political.... I am dreading this next campaign season.

3. What's a food or treat that 'disappears like hotcakes' in your house?

Well, for my hubby and I it is nuts.... we both find we keep our own private stash hidden away!

4. How hot is too hot?

These past couple of weeks have been almost unbearable for me.... Lynn likes the car windows down to feel the wind in his face..... not me.. I despise my hair blowing in the wind.... that is so sixties for me! I am so saddened to see that there is no respite from this horrid weather in the foreseeable future!

5. Do you have an artistic outlook on life? What does that mean to you?
As a retired elementary school teacher, right now, as a relatively new grammie, I think in terms of what I can do to instill imagination in our little Birdie... right now I am deep in the throes of imagining for myself how I might create a fairy garden for her before they visit us later in the summer..

6. What's one question you'd like to ask your father, or one you wish you could ask your father?

We lost dad about a year and a half ago... right at Christmas... amazing at 94 he could still spin a yarn about his long ago life, well, before I came along... but our life together his memories had faded, and he didnt talk much about things during my formative years. I would love to have him relate to me about our family life as we will building our home and my growing up years... what they meant to him... He was really such a private and reserved man during my youth.

7. Something you learned from your father?

My dad was very gentle... he loved quiet days in the country, even though I was raised in town and he was a business man, soon before he retired he and mom moved back to the country to be closer to my grandparents... He loved working with his hands and the joy of crating things from natures gifts.. he loved to carve animals from scraps of wood... he poured his soul into the simple things of life.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Since our only child and daughter, Amanda, with her only child, Birdie love 6 states away with here, our visits mean so very much to me.... I couldnt deal with this without face time... thank you, technology!.. but this summer, we are planning to vacation on a NE coast... I love planning for it!!! It is great fun to get something actually accomplished that will bring the happy event ever closer... today we ordered a beautiful red beach umbrellas that will provide a lovely shade for us, especially our wee girl!

This past spring she loved to pick dandelions, soon she'll be picking up shells!


  1. Welcome to the Hodgepodge! We are always glad to welcome newcomers. As a Grandmother of seven, I can relate to the joy of spending time with them. Three of mine live 17 hours away so I can also relate to being grateful for phone calls and FaceTime. I trust you will come back and play with us in the Hodgepodge again.

  2. Welcome to the Hodgepodge! I also have a married daughter living many states away, so definitely relate to that. I too am thankful for technology that allows for chit chat via texting and face time via the computer. That porch is awesome! We're building on a lake and I'm all about the outdoor spaces, probably more so than the indoor : ) Nice to meet you here!

  3. Love the fairy garden idea-- just don't put anything in it that you'd be sad to see broken!

    love you!


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