Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Very First Mad Tea Party

There is a place, like no  place on earth.
A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!
Some say, to survive it,  you need to be as mad as a hatter.  
Which luckily, I am!
~Alice in Wonderland

Whoooooo's excited about  the Mad  Tea Party  over at Fanciful Twist!!!!
Mad   Tea Party Coming  in July
  Well, the party has already started so you're going to be late!!!!!
Follow me...  we can still make it to Schotzy's  woodland cottage... 

You know it is all about celebrating the 150th Anniversary  of  Lewis Carroll's marvelous book!
  But  at Schotzy's party it is all about fun, music, and   tea. Listen, I can hear the music now!!!

The fairies  have assembled..
 Miranda 's   all tuned up!!

Ahh,  we are  so fortunate today, King Frederick Frog  will   take charge and keep  everyone in line!! 
The Twitterings  welcome  one and all!

Ahem!   If you will  all pass right through here please...  we shall  find our  way to the  glen of merriment!
Step carefully here, please...
 photo 1198904459_e773a92f53-1.jpg
Right along through here, I  think,.. um...   I hope...
No need to pause for a rest... plenty of time for that  soon enough!
 photo summerfun069.jpg
Oh, dear,   excuse me, madame,    Oh, please,  I  do  beg your pardon,,,    ahem,,,  now I  do believe,   ...  umm,   yes,   I think......  ah,   at last,  yes,     but if you please, just  one more  left turn through here and we're there!
And  I do believe  we  can see   our way clear  now...
 photo summerfun070.jpg
The alarming clock  announces....
Image result for alice and wonderland's tea  
And so  ....( Drum roll, please) I present  darjeeling...  for my  darlings!

And the tea is ready!!!
The fairies sing an ode to  the cup!
White rabbit makes  a huge announcement!
YOU  have been chosen  the Queen of the  Party!  The Fairy Queen will  crown you!
 Never  fear, Darling,   the Queen of Hearts is vacationing in Boca!
So be a dear,  would you mind  pouring the  tea for us?
What mischief is this!
Someone has quite  forgotten his manners: he must have left them in his nasty little  burrow  along the garden path....
AwK!  If I may divert your attention.uh,...uh, uh, uh     my dears,,   we shall now   move right through the glass  .. to our tea!
The fairies and the 
 woodland creatures   serenade  the   partiers...  
The Twitterings    declare, "It's  a huge success!"  
 and wish everyone who  visits   a  very  Mad Day!
Hope you  enjoyed  our first  Mad  Tea.. now I'm off to visit  some other parties!  Come on,,, let's go together!
Today is also, Pink Saturday!
  BTW.... As I ran across this wonderful post  I am adding it here to share with mothers do  not   think  they should  teach children about fairies...   I love this   prinicple of  teaching!
I   still believe in the possibility of them.... and my mind loves to imagine them  among the flowers  and  making friends with the woodland creatures.  If C.S. Lewis and Tolkien can have fairies,,,  then    so can we!
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  1. A Glorious party! Merry Unbirthday to you! Thank you for the music. I believe I will leave it playing all day. Loved all the critters, creatures and couture.
    Please visit if you can.

  2. Very beautiful and fun!!!

  3. Oooo I'd love to have some piping hot Darjeeling with the fairies! Love the music at your party. What a delightful setting!

    Linking from A Fanciful Twist,
    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  4. A very nice party indeed. Thanks for the treats. It was wonderful.


  5. Happy unbirthday to you...have a nice weekend.
    Love your first Mad Tea Party
    Kerstin from germany

  6. What a beautiful tea party garden! Love the crowned frog. :-)

    Please come to my party:


  7. My fairies say hi to your fairies. Sweet first party. Hugs from my party at designing fairy.

  8. Darjeeling please. I'd like to sit by King Fredrick. He is oh, so charming.

  9. The music, fairies, garden, and tea all a delight! Happy first time playing with us.

  10. What a delightful visit for both Pink Saturday AND the Mad Tea Party 2015. The music was lovely, the pictures divine, and I especially loved the Pink Owl as my senior mom is SOOOO into owls. Thank you for such a sweet treat.


  11. I am completely jealous of your princely frog. He looks extreme cute and royal in your garden!

    Happy Mad Tea Party. ♥

  12. Mmm, a cup of Darjeeling sounds lovely right now! I love your garden pictures.

  13. darjeeling is sugar for me please. I love your blue teapot and your garden is so pretty.

  14. Enjoyed your party and your message about fairies... I will share with my 11 yr old grand who suddenly doesn't believe in them any more :(

  15. What a delightful tea party. We absolutely love King Frederick Frog. Thank you for taking us on a wonderful adventure.
    Linda and Michelle

  16. Enchanting party, lovely guests! wonderful tea. sadly, I did not play this year.
    I am enjoying hopping around though!

  17. Sooooo beautiful! Wow, those photos, what a garden dream<3 Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous vignettes! Happiest mad tea party wishes <3, Vanessa

  18. What fun!! :)

    Sugar-coated hugs,

  19. Fabulous!! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, your party was delightful!
    Thank you for being a most gracious hostess, my Dear!

  20. What a magical tea party! The garden, the fairies, and tea are all a delight. I love your New Country Roses teacup. It is the perfect match to my teapot! Would love to join you and the fairies and frog. Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea too. Have a tea-lightful day.


  21. Beautiful! I love all your gorgeous garden photos. Hope you're having a great week!

  22. I love all your garden photos...thanks for sharing!

  23. Thank you for inviting me to your party! I had a lovely time. I DO believe in faeries. I do! I do!

  24. How fun! Your mad party made me smile.

  25. Oh how lovely - love all the charming little guests and fun images and a lovely setting!

  26. This is so creative!! I love the concept of your mad tea party. I wonder where you got such a stunning idea. I have attended so many private parties Los Angeles but the concept of this one took my heart away!

  27. Lots of fun and nonsense, very Lewis Carrolly.


  28. How sweet and charming! It could be a book.

  29. DELIGHTFUL ..Love your pink owl and the fairy music... I could stay all day with your fairies to play and sip on tea...I do feel quite a home in your ' Mad Tea Party"...LOVELY !!!..Hugs

  30. You did a wonderful job! So fanciful and beautiful! Love the striped teapot. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  31. Hi! I enjoyed your party thank you! Especially the fairy music and all the creatures. Sorry I am so late!

  32. Visiting from Sandi's tea party. Loved this; so much fun. You Mad Hatter ladies are a hoot!


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