Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Little by Little

The Dedicated House
 Click the icon to return to   The Decorated House.  if you have been visiting me, you  probably know that   we are deep in the midst of  our kitchen  redo... 
Let me pause here to   say  how  very surprised and pleased  that 
The Dedicated House
last week   with this post.
 We live in  a 1930's  English Tudor...whose kitchen hadnt been updated in over  40 years.....   except for  several paint jobs and   switches from  Victorian to  cottage style looks....  we  updated the shades  and  lived  with it all these years...  now little by little things are  happening!  In the following  photos you will notice  things continue to be in a state of flux since  early June!    Albeit,  we  were gone 2 weeks for vacation...  but getting these cabinets painted is  a  time consuming  chore!  But  today something major occurred.  You will note   those  outdated shades  behind  my newly painted   cabinet base and   header/valance.
You will  also,note   the  many cabinet doors  that are in some  stage  of  either being primed or  second coated ....
and this morning  Lynn got the doors rehung over the frig! yayayayaya 
  aha!  The shades are missing....

and  now   I have new shutters!!!!  Love, love, love them

 I love how you can close the bottom and keep the top open  or all open
even the kitchen door got a  redo....!   yayayayaya 
Now if  Lynn can  quit playing with those shutters and  get back to painting I will  be happy  again! 
Stay tuned more changes are a comin'!
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  1. the shutters look amazing!!!! what an upgrade! yeah, not sure about paint and trim colors now.... will have to see in person. glad things are moving along! :-D
    love you,


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