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One Thousand Gifts (744-754) Eucharisteo

Ann Voskamp introduced us to    the daily habit of    finding the joy  all around us   in her book, 1000 Gifts. On her website she encourages   taking part in the Joy Dare    and your  can find everything you need to know here!Here is my Joy Dare for  the fourth  week of August with Ann Voskamp

 744.  I am so thankful  for  our   brothers and sisters in Christ in our local church

                                  Prayer photo Prayer.jpg
 745.  Our  Sunday School class  is    growing by leaps and bounds because  we  do have  an amazing teacher,  and we love  one another....  we  serve  one another  in times of trouble and  we play together   regularly...   this month  we    will have game  afternoon  at  Diane and Paul's house... where we eat, play Mexican Train

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 or just  sit on their   fabulous deck and  chat   and nibble.  Other times we go to   out for  dinner and a play, or a ball game...   Church  is and  should be about   the family   of God   coming together, and  that is  just  who we are!!!
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746.  I love our church just the way it  looks... and is....  It is very traditional and   a  lovely   building...We have  an organ and a choir,  and  after  12 years of   church    in  a HS  auditorium and then a  make shift  metal  warehouse of a building with a !!!!loud!!! teen  band....   my husband and I decided  at our  age  we much  preferred  traditional  services...
747.  I  am thankful   for blogging..  and just being able to sit   here at the  computer and   share my   thoughts and life in this  journal   of days.... it is a   huge blessing to me.

748.  Sitting down together   as a family  for dinner....   holding hands to say grace, and  the  sharing at the dinner table  is   especially   important in our family!

                                  wegathertogether020 photo wegathertogether020.jpg

749.  This  coming week I have  a golden opportunity to serve....   one of my dearest friends is going into the hospital  and  we   plan to go  by and  join her husband in the waiting room....  and  to take  dinners  for their family!

750.  As  chairman of the Benevolent committee  at our church I    have helped plan  month projects of collecting  items  for the  poor,   food and clothing,  school supplies for the needy.

751.  Just today  I  designed and   out up  two bulletin boards in the church to  advertise our September project of collecting  gently worn coats, blankets, and  collapsible umbrellas  for   an intercity church that  is mainly   made up of  recent refugees who  arrive here   weekly...God is bringing the lost and needy right to our door, and we are honored to be able to  demonstrate the love of Christ to them  through  mercy and  meeting their needs!

752. I dont know if anyone saw this on facebook today,  but   it  was   truly   awesome... God's is the   Master  of  creation!!! It took my breath away!

753.The ripples of light  across the clouds  is another  touch of the Master's hand!
                                  photo september2012079-1.jpg
754.The fading light of  a soft summer's  dusk!

                                 photo 0f1db272-53ab-4048-bcd7-316da0e908de_zpswazpjm1x.jpg

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