Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday


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On the weather front:

Autumn  officially begins this week, and  you  can feel it today..   of course it is  the blessed rain  that has brought lower temps... I am loving today!

On my bedside table:
The Armor of God,  Priscilla  Shirer
 Jesus Calling,   Sarah Young
Jesus Calling - Women's Edition

On my TV:
I  enjoy the  humor of  The Middle,  and the  drama of Blue Bloods.

On the menu for tonight:
no idea ... With Lynn still working in the kitchen, hard to plan and   prepare a meal...   probably a hot dog on the run!

The week ahead:~
I love how facetime puts me right  there  with my girls building  with their legos!
face time with  our girls
Ladies' Bible study  The Armor of God  by Priscilla Shirer
gym   to do water aerobics
lots of   Bible Study 
enjoy   these  early  fall days

On my To Do List:

~coordinating  the study.. I am a small group leader

New Recipe I tried last week:
not in a cooking mood or frame of mind

Looking forward to:

I know I have mentioned this before  several time,  but  there is so much fine tuning that   goes into a kitchen make-over...  and  my dearest isvery  thorough and meticulous, praise the Lord for him...  so much trim work and   repainting..  but it is looking  so  gorgeous.  I have to pinch myself..

Homemaking Tip for this week:

downsize,   purge, and downsize some more.... it is  way too easy to  collect  too much stuff..  A happy home is a  home that  isnt  stuffed with  so much  STUFF!

Favorite photos from last week:

 One day last week I baked the most delectable  loaf of Irish soda bread  and what it so much fun was I used my new kitchen aid   mixer....I   have waited a very long time to finally have one of my own...
 So   a slice   slathered with Kerry gold butter  and a  cup of Irish tea  set the mood for a bit of Bible study! I  am working on  Priscilla Shirer's study  that  goes along with  her film,   War Room so perfectly.  Both the study and the film are   very highly recommended!
 All about  how to  strategically  do  spiritual warfare  against the  enemy of our souls and our  lives.
 If you saw the film,  this study helps  teach us  how to  create   the strategies  from God's word to   prayer effectively and be victorious over the  enemy!

Lesson learned the past few days:
turn off the media,  the propaganda, and enjoy rest and peace!  God is giving us   gorgeous days to   live and  enjoy...  turn off the noise and really pay attention to what the  Lord is providing in these  days!

On my Prayer List:

family,  church, friends,  our city,  our nation,  the division in our nation, 

Israel,  or  government

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:

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