Monday, October 19, 2015

Can Not decide this year!

Ok,   I have a  bit of  a dilemma...  I  do love the white pumpkin look....
 photo 2013-10-05061358_zpsfaf0532e.jpg
with the   black and white check    cloth  and  paisley napkins on
 white  china.
 photo 2013-10-05061324_zps0f32d366.jpg
But the blue  pumpkin on the same   cloth  has it's own allure..
 photo lateOctober2011071.jpg
even though that year I used the  black and white transfer ware.
maybe  I could do better this time with the placemats....
 photo lateOctober2011080.jpg
I do like   switching things about  from year to year....

Maybe  I should just move things into the dining room and  switch out the cloth  with the   transfer ware  and used the   florals..
 photo MidOctober2011032.jpg

 photo MidOctober2011013.jpg
I  am interested to note that these photos were taken the  year  prior to  the  season of years  I spent  taking care of mom and dad after they gave up housekeeping...Lately,  things have been   so very much  less thoughtful...  and now I have the time  and   I am  trying to decide   what floats my boat!
For example last year   instead of shopping for pumpkins and  going  full autumn...   apples   from the  cupboard  were in vogue...  for us!
 photo 99495577-e2a2-40e8-aff5-3b80845e9168_zpsea25908f.jpg
and in the dining room I  was still  using  the blues from summer.. just throw  on a sunflower and call it  fall!
 photo IMG_0008_zps97d7f5fa.jpg

 Well, this year I have  pumpkins  of various  colors and I am thinking  of   just going for the gold!!!  When one has the time  they should  just  go for it  and   just  see where it takes one.... hahaha... 
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  1. So beautiful! I love them both! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,


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