Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday's Fave Five

It's Friday today and that means time to look, recognize and be thankful for the good things, the blessings, the things that uplifted us during the week. Joining Susanne's Space to particpate in sharing....
 This week  we  finally  got the crowning  glory  installed  the  last item to  finish up the  kitchen reno....    a  lovely    ceiling fan  in  the  matching    brushed   nickel...    God has been so  wonderful to us   in this project....Thank you, Lord, for without you, this   long awaited project wouldnt have been possible!

Surprise, surprise,   Lynn actually dropped me off at my favorite little consignment shop  this week  while he  was off doing a few hardware  errands....  I love to just peruse       and  absorb   things   that  were  loved and used in the past...   They so often bring back such  precious memories!  And then I   saw this!

 Now I did try several times to get it straight,   but  it is what it is....  you may wonder...'Why, did this catch her eye,, I mean it's ok... but""
Well,  it  tells a very significant story to me...  My best friend from 1973-1997  was  my  coworker, Pam...  We  were  so  close....   She  was my mentor  and  in our teaching  we were  an awesome duo.   We  did projects together...   wrote a  Culinary reading Cook book together  and  took  it on the road  across the  SE  Reading Convention  circuit for several years.  We travelled to Richmond, Williamsburg,  Charleston..  well it seems we were  very often  travelling  down  Rt 24 east to  Rt 60 to Richmond and  right there near the junction  set back in the woods was the most amazing old house...  the setting was  as  important as anything about it....    but it  was  deserted and  just wasting away from the first time  we ever saw it...  but  we were so much alike  we would start  dreaming of retiring,   buying that old place and  fixing up as a    gorgeous  Bed and Breakfast...  WE  would  spend the rest of the trip   daydreaming about  how we would decorate each room....  it really made the  rest of the trip fly by...  Then suddenly at  age  50,  she  had a massive stroke and we lost her....    But I had  several reasons with my husband to  go to Richmond and every time  we passed  this house  I   would  smile  back tears  and  the sweetest memories of   my dear friend!  The last time we  passed through there  the house wasnt there...   the woods  had  seemed to devour it....   I kind of like  that thought    instead of  someone  tearing it down......  Now I have  a  wonderful  token of  Pam to remember the  best time of our    friendship....I cried when I tried to walk away from purchasing this  print.. I knew it had to come home with me.
3.  I love  these  cool  and  rainy days,,,  just praying  the rain  continues to come gently as it has  all week....Praying also  for  all  the  areas where  the  rain has  brought  flooding  and    loss of property..   Dear  Lord,  protect the lives of those in  any harm's way.
Birdie just turned 2  and  since her parents are  virtuosos on  the violin,  Birdie had been showing a lot of interest  to play as well...  So    the Lord  in His   providence  provided...  on Craig's List  a 1/16 size  real violin for $20   including  case and 2 bows  for her birthday....  Birdie  is  so precious  learning to be  gentle and  careful...   and  learning the  finer points of   hand position  and   posture...  I  love this!..
5.    I  am  really enjoying  having my computer  down  here on the main level   where the action is and closer to Lynn    and    a  whole new perspective....  and  we can enjoy  pandora now all over the house instead of up in a bedroom.....  


  1. Browsing through old thrift stores and finding a special picture is wonderful!! enjoyed your faves list!!

  2. What a touching story. How wonderful to find a print of a house and an important relationship connected to it. And wow - what a cool part of your job to travel to share your culinary reading cook book.

    This is off-topic but I LOVE the way "glitter" flows whenever I move the cursor.

    Your Birdie is so adorable. That certainly is answered prayer to get a violin in her size and fpor such a good price.

  3. what a wonderful gift to see the print of the house and be able to have it hanging in your house. Nice to know that you will have this memory of your time together.

  4. Wow, I love the story of the house print! What a special blessing.
    Birdie would have loved what I did on the weekend--I was doing spinning demo and the man in the booth across from us was a fiddler giving 5-1o minute beginning lessons on violins to whoever came in and sat down. It was fun to watch!


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