Friday, October 23, 2015

Hearing from God part 2

As  a believer, my God, my heavenly Father, Abba, Daddy, is sovereign over all things...  all power..  all nations.... all storms..... all bumps in the night  and He has me by the hand and He'll never let me go.  There is no extremist plot that could ever take Him by surprise.  There is no medical report  that He couldn't see me through.. There is no tomorrow or future trial,    that He doesn't have the resolution for because He is already there working every single  thing in my life and all believer's lives  for our good.  Oh, to be able  to rise above our daily circumstances and see our lives from His perspective.  But that is what faith is all about.  Even though we can not see, we still know  and believe, and expect good gifts, loving kindness, mercy, grace, and love from  the one and only God, the lover of our souls, our Abba, Father God!   ....because  He is the manifestation of all those things..  His attributes  are  love...mercy... loving kindness,....  justice....   faithfulness....patience.... gentleness ....compassion...   Just so  we could  better know Him he sent His son as an exact  replica of Himself.  For  Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing....

So now as I have gained a deeper insight into my own spiritual walk with God, I seem to be able to hear His voice a little clearer.  Recently, in a prayer session as we worshipped  then listened  for His still voice, I clearly heard the word "anchor".   When I shared   the word  with the prayer group I was told by one of the Bible scholars there that the word "Anchor" was actually the first symbol  for Christ before   the symbol of the cross became evident.  I found that of great interest, but for me personally it really brought   a  sense of  stability.. a sense of security  a truly solid foundation on which to rest my weary soul, as I saw myself anchored on Christ,.

Oddly enough,  I couldn't think of a time when I had given any thought to  an anchor except as I watched  the hull of the Titanic upend.  I couldn't remember even seeing the word written in print  in  a long time. I know I didn't just think up the word.  It just popped into my head, suddenly,   just  as the  worship music stopped and  we  were asked to  wait on the Lord.  Well, I didn't have  long to wait.  Plop there it was! 
I didn't dwell on it that much in  the coming  days, but then within the  succeeding 2 weeks the word "anchor" started coming up  probably over a dozen times.  As  a small group leader in Priscilla Shirer's  study The Armor of God  the word has been used in conjunction with each of the spiritual weapons of our warfare.  And each time I see the word I take pause to contemplate for myself what significant thought the Lord had for me specifically.
Because God had already begun a work  of prayer leadership in my life  through an interdenominational  prayer ministry  that  my  small  group of prayer ladies were led by the Spirit  to initiate in our  community... I am believing  that  the relevance of the word anchor   and it's repetitious use in the  prayer warrior study that I am partaking of at this time,  that  God is   broadening my assignment... to be a more diligent prayer warrior.

I feel He is calling out to me in another way as well....  and  This time  I have to confess I have been hesitant in  launching out...  until He got my attention...  More  to follow!  


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