Friday, October 23, 2015

Hearing from God part 3

So during  that   very same  prayer event  as we were discussing  the state of the  the nation and  our  woes of  the community...  we  were  each sharing    how  we  could    see where God was at work and come along beside Him in that effort...  and it was if  everyone around the group had the same  message.l.  at least in my mind  I was  hearing
 "Prepare"             "Prepare"              "Prepare"
                    "Be prepared"   "Be prepared"
Wow!  Isn't this exactly what had been bombarding me  in my circle of friends...  "OH how much food are you hoarding?   How many gallons of water do you have on hand?   Have you gotten  your generator yet?  No, what do you recommend?    The same rhetoric that had been  driving me  many sleepless nights!
But NO!  Knowing this group as well as I know them,  they aren't into that kind of preparedness!  Praise God!  
So  I went home that night  thinking about  "prepare"   and there it was   a gentle nudge  from  above...  reminding me  of a study I had done about 10 years ago..   on a book  written by the actual host of the previous prayer event...  entitled God's Cure for the Post Christian Syndrome by James Tarter.  All of Jim's  awesome books are  found  for free download at Just type his name in the search bar. I highly recommend this book!   But be ware  he is brilliant,  deep, and  and goes into  great  explanation  about  who God is,  who we are and  what  the church should be doing instead  the  the  lukewarm  mess that it is today!
At any rate, I remembered that  the premise of the book was  that just as  the Ministry of Elijah fell on John the Baptist to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord, Jesus, which is prophesied in Malachi, so too,  in the last days,   there will be  that same  calling on  the church  to  prepare the  way of the Lord  for His second coming.  I felt I was  receiving   a call  to  prepare  ye the way....
 and in my  waywardness  I was  a bit paralyzed  is the only way to describe how I was...  Immediately the enemy gave me the image  I remembered seeing as a child of  an old   rough looking man carrying a sign  that said  Prepare the Way of the Lord on it....   and  I  remember hearing  people say, 'Look at that crazy old man?  with  ridicule  and   haughtiness.....  I am ashamed to admit that   but it  was   probably my very first    experience of   witnessing  christian persecution here in our own land and I  shamefully didn't recognize it as that  at the time.I  immediately  turned to God with repentance in my heart, but at the same time I  did not immediately  go searching for the book or  even  read Malachi to refresh myself... I  allowed other things I 'needed' to do  get in the way. But God wouldnt leave me alone...  it wasnt exactly like  a prodding,  but  I felt His   fingers on my back  and suddenly  the last couple of days   an old malady   came over me that plagued my  gut  so much  in  recent  past.... and I was  horrified  it was coming back on me... then I had the thought.. Ok, I dont really feel like  doing this now, Lord, but with you  I will  read the  book and  get  started on the  message  you want me write. That was last night....  and  even before I fell sweetly asleep  my  gut issue had subsided.  I  can only think   that  as  I do not ever believe in coincidences,   God has put a rush on me to get this done,  whether it is just for my sake or the reader's, as well.
But I do think the message is   super important....  as it was  10 years ago    when I first read  the book,   but even more so now with  the  world and nation in the place it is in.

The intent of the book is to demonstrate how that  just as in the days of Malachi, the people were so arrogant and self seeking they had  turned  their back on God. They grumbled about seeing no purpose in serving God,   they saw no personal gain in it for them, so in their complaining they ignored Him ( sound familiar?)  and in so doing, it created a spiritual wilderness  in the nation.  Grumbling gave way to arrogance,    hypocrisy,  and judging.  These  very same features are found in our post  Christian age in which we are  here in the US. We, like they, are  spiritually sick  and blinded to God...the ultimate, just judge of all.  They had lost sight of God as judge in their ungodliness.
So too our churches today  are weakened  through the lack of solid Biblical  teaching..  preachers'  sermons  seem to be ala carte..  they pick and choose  from the menu  that  either they themselves  think need to be  taught because they  they have set themselves up as judge ,  or  they  tickle the ears of the their  flock.  Many  have their services so micro managed  down to  limiting each  part of the service to  the number of seconds.. leaving  absolutely no room  for the Holy spirit to show up.  And He doesnt. Thereby, sin becomes excused,   God's Word becomes irrelevant for life today, leadership becomes corrupt,   goaded by power and greed.    So the people are perishing in the wilderness  of the own making. Treachery becomes commonplace in society,   sin escalates alarmingly,  and the people grow weary living in a barren wasteland.
 My next   portion  will    be taken from   Malachi  3 and 4.  if you are following...  you really ought to read the book of Malachi... it is a great read!

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