Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hearing from God part 6B

It is not my wish to leave this series hanging in mid air.  but as a small group leader  leading  a  group  in the Armor of God  BS   I  have  other  studies  that are  currently taking my mind and time....   to tell the truth  about   my thinking at this time...  when I started this series I really thought it would  be about  5  compact  posts.. but over  the   hours of  typing  it out and praying over and listening  the topic has expanded  well beyond  my  preliminary  estimations.    And to be  sure,  I  am happy about how  the Spirit has led me to    the  ever broadening  all encompassing  issue of  learning  the need for, and   the how tos  of  manifesting the true nature of Christ to a dying, very needy world, society,  community, nation!  I hope  that the  ground work for the  why  has been laid...  As  I am considering the how-tos, the requirements and prerequisites  are expanding as well...  Because I am determined to  do the best job that I can on this thesis,    to please the author  of  my life, the author of the Word, and  show that  by  his Spirit  it is  my deepest desire to    discern and  divide His word rightly,   I need to  do more  study....I have already mentioned  that  one    very  pertinent   issue is that of  how we  exhibit holy fire in the world...    you may be  contemplating that one, as well...  however, another  integral topic is  intercession...  if we are  to  be  demonstrating  Jesus of Nazareth's true nature to  the  world,   He certainly is an  interceder... He is doing that for us every  day in heaven...praise His holy name.  I am sharing these  two   components today  to let you understand why I will be  absent from this topic for  a few days a s I   gather my  thoughts and  determine how to   knit  together  and finish  this magnificent tapestry   that  I have  begun.  Perhaps  you  might   be interested in doing your  research in  the  issues I have  brought to light and    laid  before  us...  I would be very interested to hear from  anyone...  especially if  any of this has  had  any meaning for anyone  personally.  The next time I write to this series  I will erase this  explanation and  begin  again on  part 7.   Blessings!

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