Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Series ~ Hearing from God PART 1

Dear reader,   As I am sharing these  6 posts as a whole on a  couple of memes today,  it is hoped that you will  read this post then return to my  page and  continue on to part 2-6...  I  was
really  hearing form the Lord what  He had to say bout His church in these days.  Part 6 is very pertinent and  there will be more to come on this  series.... as  God  continues to download to me  about this topic  so  dear to  my heart and hopefully to your's!

I recently made a life changing purchase.So many friends were recounting to me the very same thing... that Sarah Young's devotional, Jesus Calling, was having such a powerful impact on their lives, so I finally bought my own copy.  Upon some research on   Ms. Young I learned that  she and I   shared a  deep   appreciation for   our  quiet time with the Lord... and she, like I,  enjoyed journaling our experiences...    but  she had taken   her  experiences to a deeper level..  writing  what she  felt the Lord speaking to her and  these writings  became  the  basis of her devotional.  
It was September 23rd  when I bought and started my devotional journey  and right away I understood why  so many felt  inspired by each day's  postings... I understand that the Bible is God's  inspired Word to us,   but  surely,  in the manner in which Ms Young  recorded her  experiences with God  through  and   including  scriptural references,  her  devotionals    really  do  express  each day  a  heaven sent  word that seems to  heal a broken spirit or quell an uneasy heart.

Even as a long time Christian who is fully connected in   the local church, as well as community ministries, more than ever lately, I  needed  these  simple yet  dynamic messages.  On September 23rd and on every other page since, the theme  was  and is seek  the presence of God....for in life's circumstances great and small His presence  is all we need.

For me, I was becoming inwardly a bit unhinged. With all the depressing news,  terror extremists,   turmoil in the world, prophetic disasters looming  on the horizons,  catastrophic storms,  blood moons, etc.   My mind seemed  to be swept up in a tornadic  maelstrom that  interrupted my sleep and even my  relationships..  to say I  was edgy was  an understatement. I couldn't even  fully enjoy   my precious visit with my  daughter and her  family, including  our 2 year old granddaughter, whom  we  actually  visit  a handful of times a year,  ...for my psyche,   but really  the  devil, was whispering to me  "This may very well be the  last time you'll be able to get together with your family".... isn't it funny for  the devil   can sound just like  yourself in your head...and  also funny.. how  .. and I knew this  from all of my    years of   seeking God through  Bible studies and    Church activities....  I knew it, but after that  first read on September 23rd,  and  especially  successively ever after, the reminder that   God is always present  really is the most wonderful good news of the gospel for the believer!
Tomorrow I will share  how  I started hearing from God.

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