Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Armor of God

Spiritual Sundays
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I wrote    just previously and  posted  how pleased I am to be  sitting at my new computer station...   but  never more than  now that  the printer is no more and I have   desk space to sit here to do my Bible study work... 

 This  season, I are a small group leader  for our church's  Women's Ministry.. and we are  doing Priscilla Shirer's  The Armor of God.. what a dynamic and  timely study!!!!!    ....    knowing and applying the  spiritual weapons in our  arsenal against the  devil,   the world, and our own flesh!!  This week we are studying the Shield of Faith... 
 Paul likened our weapons  to those of the Roman soldier of his time...  he  spoke of the shield  being much larger than those we  ordinarily see that a knight might  use..  No, the roman soldier's shield was  door-sized and  could be used  not only  for frontal attack,  but  for the  fiery  barrage of  darts and javelines of the enemy..  when a  line of  soldiers  would  form   something like the turtle formation and    be fully  protected.

This also spoke of  the  active church, each  part of the whole body  was  diligently  using their  giftings and talents and standing  together in unity  bearing each other  on and up,  edifying one another,  encouraging  and strengthening the line of defense against the enemy !
I highly recommen
d this study to   all  and  also, if you havent seen War Room, the film..     it is a must as well!!!!
God bless!


  1. Good writing Shotzy !! This weeks homework is kicKing my butt !

  2. It amazed me when I learned of the size of the armor which Paul speaks of. Not only that they were fully protected but that they were usually soaked in water so as to be better able to resist any combustion. Shoulder to shoulder, the Church would be strong & mighty to resist if we would learn to take this stance. Wonderful reminder you have shared! Blessings!


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