Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday's Fave Five

Sharing with  Susanne   this week.

1.   My prayer group has been meeting   diligently  seeking the Lord in  what  we can  corporately and  privately  be doing to promote  Spiritual  Transformation in our community...One gal  sensed from the Lord  that just as  Jesus told His disciples   upon His   resurrection to remain  there   and to prayer  until He sent  our helper,  the  Holy Spirit.. They  waited for 10 days, and then  it was Pentecost!    We sent out word   around our  area  that anyone who was willing to commit to come together in  a local church  to pray for an hour or 2  for 10 days...  to   meet with us..  Yesterday was our first day...  and  10  dedicated   prayer warriors  came out from  several denominations...  It was  so sweet to  meet with them....we  spent that first day   in repentance  for   the nation,   for  our society,  for  our churches, and  privately...    And believe  me,  there is much we   for which  we should be on our knees  in repentance! 
 photo Christmas2009040.jpg

2.  Today I just bit the bullet and     drove myself over to  Pier 1   and   found   an item I've been wanting for   a long time....  I   first started noticing    antler  decor  a little over a year ago   when  the  Bed and Breakfast we were staying in  used quite a bit of it and I just  thought it was so   nifty.... but everywhere I looked,  the   items I really liked with  quite  expensive and I just kept saying  someday...then I found  just what I wanted  at Pier 1 and the price  was  ok..  it was just that  their store isnt very close to  me....  I rarely  go  that far afield shopping...  but  I was not deterred today!!!
Golden Antler Pillar Stands
 I really love them because they  look really cool in any season....   yet  they have   that olde world charm about them as well...  Merry Christmas to me!
 photo autumncollage.jpg
3.  I am so looking forward to  next weekend...   I have  a couple of couples over for a Harvest dinner.I really needed  to reciprocate to one of the couples who  have had us  over so many times to  enjoy their back enclosed deck on cool summer  evenings... for  coffee and dessert..    it is always such a joy to  go  there because  they live right at the top of the mountain  and the  ambiance is  perfect!  So I  really  want to make our  dinner   co  comfy and as yummy as possible...    I  dont want it to compete with  a real Thanksgiving  but still  be a seasonable I have some planning to do. .. but that is the fun apart for me~~~~

4.  I went shopping this week at    JoAnne's fabric and   it must have been    a God send   for me to  go because that day they were  having a sale on  Simplicity patterns and  I went  with absolutely no  idea that I would be   shopping  for patterns....   but  when I found this fabric...
it was just  impossible to walk away..   even though I am not the world's  greatest  seamstress.   but I am    a great Granma  and I  had to   make  matching aprons for my  sweetums and her mommy.  I about croaked when I finally found the  pattern  for   an apron that I thought I could  actually   make    and saw that the price for the pattern was $ 17.00.  But then  a lady nearby  told me,   "Oh,  but today they are a dollar  a piece!"   YAYAYAYAYAYA!  Now I just have to actually  try to make them...   May the granma juices of all time   run freely through my veins  to get this   done for my sweet girls!!!

5. I bought the greatest magazine today at the grocer... all about Christmas brunches... super looking meal ideas for the holidays.... I love brunch better than just about anything... I can eat brunch anytime of the day or night! Hope everyone else I'll be dining with feels the same !


  1. Glad you got your antler decor! My daughter got a gold deer head with antlers and put in her living room and I was surprised how cute it turned out!

    I found your prayer group's commitment to prayer so touching. I am sure good things will come out of it.

    Congrats on $1 patterns! Your material looks like some I know my sister in law would love ....

  2. cute decor!! that is awesome about your small group and the praying. Good things will for sure come from this commitment.

    I'm not a sewer/crafts person but it looks like you got a good deal. Enjoy!!

  3. the antlers are great! and the fabric is so cute-- bird will love it. "snowman" is a new-ish word :-) cute cute cute :-)

    love you,

  4. That is an awesome idea for your prayer group and how wonderful that so many came out from different churches. I love Pier I. I wish I had a newer style home that has all those nooks and crannies for cute decorating items so I have to really restrain myself.

  5. I'm sure you are a great hostess. I know you will enjoy that time together.
    I love to hear about your Prayer Group. It has been a few years since I have been part of one.


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