Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pumpkin Pie Dilemmas

Ok, I do have a   fresh baked pumpkin pie
 photo a33c8ad9-665f-461e-8aa3-3e1204d97683_zps2aznzfww.jpg

  and  can't decide on  the proper  cup for my   pumpkin spice tea!
I do like this  Staffordshire Bouquet cup  from  Johnson Brother's.
 photo IMG_5366_zpsatv2sc2k.jpg
Or I  could  use  my  Fransican apple cup  
    photo 2bff7c28-8bde-4ab4-8fba-a3334f227a78_zps1abaaf14.jpg
 photo 2013-03-04230453_zps60395985.jpg

or my  Syracuse, Portland,  teacup from   our  heirloom  china   from  Lynn's  mother...Ah,  Portland it is.....  I think I will use this  china  for my   harvest dinner  I am planning.
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  1. Isn't it fun to have a dilemma of a choice of lovely teacups? I love all of them! I think I would have made the same choice...I think...oh well, so pretty! And the pie looks delicious! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. Pumpkin pie is a favourite here in my home and yours looks wonderful! All your teacups are lovely and isn't it nice to have a dilemma like that? The teapot is pretty too. Thank you for joining me for my new party today. I have changed it from Tea Time Tuesday to No Place Like Home. Have a beautiful day!

    Autumn blessings,

  3. What a delicious pie you have baked. Sometimes I think it is a bit sad that we relegated pumpkin to "fall" as it truly is wonderful. I love all your teacups and especially love the warmth and friendliness I feel visiting here! So glad you shared.

  4. apple cup! wish i could have a piece!!!!!! :-D
    love you,

    1. AW!! Sweetie, I so wish you could too!!!!

  5. My pick would be the Johnson Bros teacup!

  6. such lovely things. your blog header is beautiful.


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