Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am joining   HHM ...

Good morning... it's the start of a new week... time  for

The weather:::

Today is  bright  sunny and   cool (39 degrees)  but   going to be a mild day!

Right now I am::: 
I am listening to    Lance Wallnau on  face book a  Bible  teacher... I   enjoy his   positive outlook even in the midst of darkness and trial!  

Thinking and pondering:::
I am  so excited about this  upcoming is just  exactly like being  a  little  girl who cant wait for Santa to make his appearing....  who cant sleep the  night before Christmas  because of all the visions of sugar plums dancing in her head.....
this is something  Ive know about now for  over 8 months  and  the  waiting  is  coming to  a climax...  and I am absolutely giddy with  the thrill of it all!

On my bedside table:::

Jesus Calling.. by Sarah Young,  a glass of  water, and  the remote control....  we  recently got Netflix.... and I am loving all the choices!

On my tv this week:::
So many favorites.   Foyle's War,  The  Great British  Baking  Competition of 2010 , Monarch of the Glen,    anything   British!  heheheheheh

Listening to:::it is   pretty  quiet at this moment...  nothing but the   whirring of the  ceramic heater near my feet!  and  hubby  rustling around  in the fridge  getting the     ingredients together  to  put my  yogurt dish together.. bless his sweet heart he  fixes my yogurt and coffee every morning!

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - pork barbecue,  scalloped potatoes,  salad

Tuesday - leftovers
the rest is a toss up.  I  never plan ahead

On my to do list:::
Laundry - darks and lights
Finish  the Christmas cards

Happening this week:::

Monday - face time,  Christmas cards

Tuesday - cleaning the house

Wednesday - Dr.. appointments  
Thursday - Birthday luncheon with  my  prayer sistas
Friday -   lovely day   with nothing on the calendar to do
Saturday~ brunch at a local Hotel...   they  have  a celebration of  trees   decorated by many civic leagues  for folks to vote on...  great family  holiday  experience!

What I am creating:::
  A  Christmas  atmosphere for the two of us!

                                     My simple pleasure:::
again.. it is  simply  enjoying the sounds  and sights of  Christmas....

Looking around the house:::

Festive, festive, festive....  I love Christmas!

From the camera:::
A flash back to five years ago....  our sun room... looks like a white Christmas!!!!
Prayer List:::

All my friends and family, our  churches,  our  government,   the crises  in the world.    our  societal ills,  and Israel  and the Middle East

Bible verse, Devotional:::

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  1. I'm also excited like a little girl for this Christmas. That celebration of trees sounds like fun. Have an amazing week, friend!!!!


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