Friday, January 22, 2016

Country Morning Breakfast on Friday Foto

Today I discovered a new blog....   such beauty there and   Deb is   quite a gentle   and  gracious soul....  here  Friday Foto.. is exactly  what I was looking for today... because we  awakened this morning to  about 2 inches of the lightest, fluffiest  snow....    which is fiercely coming down about  an inch an hour!  We are  expected to get  24+ inches before it is all said and done here  in the Blue Ridge! This  was my view out the front door at  7am!

I decided  right then and there that today wa s a hearty breakfast kind of day...  with temps  at  21  that felt like 13..  and I knew   sweetheart  would be out  most of the day  shoveling a bit  as you go...  He loves to keep  things  clear  by shoveling a little at a time..earlier this week I shared  the recipe  for  the most  delicious  biscuits;  as seen in this link  ...  the recipe is embedded within the short video.. and  the  frozen stick of butter is a fab  idea...  I  hardly had to cut it in... being  grated  and stirring it in  was all I really needed to do...BUT.. the recipe  calls for 8T of sugar....  unless you are making sweet biscuits for  jam or  something or adding  cranberries and  nuts which btw would be  fantastic.... way too much sweetness.. I cut it in half and still  a bit too sweet for  sausage gravy..My silpat is  larger and so  I got 12 biscuits  in my half sheet pan.
 With another 5 minutes to go  you  brush on melted butter
 they didnt rise much,  but,   so soft and flaky....  Lynn loved them!!!

For the sausage gravy  I crumbled and browned  about  1/3  lb of sausage.... I like Neese's  with sage!
 It is so   lean I have to add a it of butter.  Then  I cracked 4 eggs and added  some half and half  for  a scramble...
 gently cooking them over a  med low heat....  they are  fluffy and light!
 I  sift in about  3 T of  flour  and  actually a bit more  butter  to   get a  rue  going  then I add in  2 cups of milk or more...  this is a  part that  just happens..
 and stir over   hi    temps   til  nice and   thinkened...  must   stir  continually....   it all comes together  pretty  quickly..
 Meanwhile, Lynn is  digging  around  in the  driveway..
 We   have  our   lovely  hearty country  breakfast
 Yum... reminds   me of my Granny  and  she was a   jewel in the kitchen!!!


  1. Those biscuits look awesome....yummy. I'd love to share that hearty breakfast with you! We're expecting snow here, but definitely not that much....oh, my. This part of Tennessee would be shut down for days if we had that much snow. Stay warm and safe...and thank you sooooo much for linking up with me today! You are welcome back next Friday, too!!! ;-)

    1. Thanks so much, Deb.... I used to partake in a Friday Photo theme, years ago... so it is with great pleasure I found you today....I surely will continue on with you and the FF Friends.. I loved your gorgeous winter mountain fotos.. oh, to have such a view!

  2. looks so delish! wish i was there for a big bite. so cute that dad mentioned the chargers you were using under your plates. make sure dad takes it easy shoveling!

    will try out those biscuits!

    love you,

  3. Lovely to meet you Schotzy ..and what a pretty blog you have. Such wonderful photos...the foodie ones made me especially hungry. The china on your table is beautiful.
    Please stay warm and safe
    Phoebe x

  4. Hello, I'm visiting from Friday Foto Friends. Now I could sit down to that breakfast and make a pig of myself! Enjoyed my visit, see you again soon.


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