Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thankful and Loving It

Well, I have finally  gotten  my kitchen  the way I want it...
You might remember that last  summer we redid the kitchen   but as you can see... no walls what ever,  except  right over here by my desk area!
.... Now  I need to  say  that  wall space is very limited in this house..  I love the double hung windows and the   other   design features that limit  us  but  finding places to  add  wall  adornment  has  to  be  a bit  creative... for example,  my  coat of arms  are proudly displayed  on a strip of wall  in the hall.  And in this  photo   you can see my  gallery,   hahah such as it is  of  my  P. Buckley Moss  prints...  which  are  right above  my desk  area    where I can enjoy them  most..Well,  hubby  finally got around this morning to  finish off some  items  that have been  gathering...
I love collecting  transfer ware  yet these three  lovely pieces  seemed  to just be extras  in my collection,  so   I was longing to    incorporate them in the kitchen decor.

 Imagine  my huge delight when last autumn I ran across this  commerative plate  of  Bunratty Castle in Ireland...  Even though we didnt actually  get to go there,  we were very nearby  and opted to dine at  another  castle , even though this one was listed on our  itinerary, originally.  I still love it as a constant reminder of our  dream trip  we took last spring! 
 This is  a Christmas present  sweet Amanda had made for me... just like one  a friend had made    and  I have used many times in responding to Ann Voskamp's  1000 gifts  posts...  "eucaharisteo"  means  being   thankful...  I love the gift... and particularly  its sentiment and reminder to be thankful in all things at all times!!!

I am loving the final product... To me the kitchen has come alive!!!! 


  1. love the plates!!!!! i want a plate wall! and so glad you like your sign :)

    love you,


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