Monday, June 27, 2016

Phase I of the Master Bedroom Reno

Good morning! Today I am posting on  Metamorphosis Monday  at Between Naps of the Porch. Around our house  it is  always such a  thrill to  see  a major change  take place....  our lives  have been  been consumed with  circumstances  for the past  several years  that  stymied the opportunity to update  the house... last year we were blessed to update our kitchen
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This  spring we started work on our Master bedroom.
We  redid  this room  back in the early 90's during the  last  turbulent years of my career as a teacher.. the  dark  green  had a calming effect on my nerves...  HAHAHA...  and  made for a  lovely  sleep in environment on Saturday mornings  because  it was truly room darkening! And  then I was going through my  dark color phase several rooms downstairs are still  a  deep  red and I love them still!  
But  now in retirement  we needed a it was a great  day to see work begin to revitalize this space.  Thankfully, the wallpaper  came off  easily!

I have always   loved  light blue with   silver and    white... I gravitated to it  in every Houzz  photo...  so  that was my inspiration.  I was  loving the blue  immediately...

 I was  so thrilled when I  realized I could  take  the  large  picture I loved so well  and get it rematted to  bring out the  soft blue tones in the sky!  The  silver tone lamps with  the  natural  shades  added just the look I  was  seeking...
I know that bookcase  doesnt do much for the room, but  as an avid reader,  I like having them close to me..

My daughter  had given me a lovely  framed poem that  speaks to my spirit,  but it did nothing  for the room until I reframed  and  matted it...  now it was  made for the room.. I found the sconces  at a consignment shop and  arranged with  soft  white  tones of  flowers  I really like the addition to the  scheme!

I found  decorative boxes at  Tuesday Morning's  to  hide away all of  paraphenalia  on the dresser... meds and  such!

and finally  over the weekend we found  the perfect  chair for  hubs to relax in...
I am thinking I need  a vase of  blue hydrangeas,  but  havent found  just the  thing yet.. I love having a reason to  peruse the shops.  I did see a  gorgeous silver blue woven throw  at Amazon I think would accent the chair.. my birthday is coming up ....:)
The room isnt complete...  we  need to paint the woodwork  and  then  change the carpet... then  have  plantation shutters installed...  So I am looking forward to sharing stage II  within the month!


  1. Doesn't it make you feel good to get a room done over? I love dark green but your soft blue is lovely and very soothing. I like my book case near by too because I love my books. Your room is going to look fabulous when you're finished. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely July 4th weekend!


    1. Sandi, thank you so much for the kind words....I am so excited the shutter man comes Thursday to measure.


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