Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

Welcome to  Pink Saturday  
as I join along with  Beverly  in the fun
Happy Fourth of July Weekend!
At our house  this will be a very low key weekend...I will probably  prepare  some good food  today...  and  enjly  a bit of celebration on the front porch.. for  just the two of us!

 photo Copyofpatriotic2012002.jpg
We  have been  so  into  the  house  makeovers and painting, etc,,,  hubs doenst really  want to  be  too interrupted this weekend.. and when he gets on a roll..  well,  you get the picture!!!
   we  sing in  the church  fourth celebration.. 
one of my favorite songs we'll sing is 

A wonderful song to remember who is in control in this evil world in which we live!!
Then  the church will picnic on the lawn.. although  the  weather forecast  predicts rain...  but at least   the weather  should be cooler! yayayayaya. On Monday... golly...  I  will  take the day as it comes... if I had my way...  we'd  go out for  dinner..we'll see.  Surely we have a coupon somewhere!!!We may go see fireworks or just sit and watch these!!


  1. I'm planning to stay inside and keep cool. I'd love to go to the parade, but it will be in the high 90's and with the humidity factored in it will feel like it's in the hundreds. No thanks. Maybe I can find a parade on tv.

    1. Hi Betty... I dont blame you at all.. besides... the holiday is waht we make of it.... and it is meant to be enjoyed even if it is from our comfy sofa and tv ... I myself have found a cool spot and am sitting watching a Christmas hallmark movie right now! hehehehe...


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