Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Fave Five

Today I am joining along with Living to Tell the Story  to share  my  Fave Fives  from this  first week of September...and what a week it was!
Actually, we just arrived home  from a whirlwind trip up north to see our girls and  son-in -law...
1.We left last Thursday and arrived at our first port of call.  The Inn of Westwynd Farm outside of Hershey, PA.This gorgeous country inn is also a  beautiful  horse farm with  20  horses...  the grounds  are  magnificent.
The  inn offers so many amazing views and areas to  just kick back and relax from a long day's travel. 

This  amazing  waterfall  and koi pond was right outside our room. I loved hearing the  trickling water..  so relaxing. 
2. The next morning  we were on the road  for another 7 hours  northeast to  visit with our  daugther's family. They are  still settling into their new home. Of course, we were really there to love on our grand daughters!

 THey moved from a  great condo with tons of built in storage to  a home with great closet place,  but where to house the scads of kitchen ware and  books they have accumulated.. So  our second day upon arrival was  spent  (7hours) at Ikea... mind you  college  was  opening Tuesday in the nearby Boston schools...  Ikea was mobbed!!! And we had 2 tots in tow..,.it was  an adventure  to say the least,  how to pick just the right wall unit for the dining room
Our oldest, Birdie was just thrilled to get to ride in the back of Baa Baa's car...
 and Doodle Bug just wanted to be held...  Baa   Baa and I took turns!
3.  We had planned  to spend a couple of days  on the Cape  and enjoy the beach,  but  Hermine had other  ideas.  When the  wind kicked up  there at the house,  our daughter  broke out the kites and entertained the kiddos!
So sorry the video doesnt play  but  I  havent seen Amanda run like that since her days on the soccer field.
4.  While we were at Ikea  Hubs and I  purchased  Birdie's  third birthday  present..
I  believe  she loves it and will spend many happy hours playing  chef!

5.We got to spend 5  wonderful days with our girls  and all too soon we were  driving south again.  But  glory be...  autumn  was arriving~~~ russet and gold  was popping out  along the  highways.
 about halfway home we stopped  in Annville, Pa  at the Patriot House where we were welcomed royally  and  found  a very  comfy home away from home.
We enjoy the Constitution Room  that leads out to the  back garden. Again  the  lazy water  trickles over rocks in the rock garden.. 
 I wanted to linger over my coffee here, but alas,  we had to  be  scuttling on home...
The environs about the Inn  are  sublime...
We  enjoyed our breakfast  at this  corner table  enjoying the  verdant views of late summer.

Hubs and I  mulled over the  happy memories we had  made  over the week and planned our  trek  to arrive home in time to recoup in time for  our evening  todo  we are attending tonight while  our house  cools down...  Coming home to a  90 degree house isnt a picnic... 

Even though we  had a marvelous  time,  there truly is  "No place like Home!"


  1. Welcome home! I can imagine the love and delight you experienced on your trip, though. Your grandkids are adorable!

  2. THanks so much, Willow, but it is so very difficult being a long distance grandma.... THank goodness for Face Time!!!

  3. What a lovely trip! Your grandbaby is adorable and that Ikea kitchen is awesome.


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