Saturday, October 1, 2016

Autumn Radiance

                     Today I am sharing on Pink Saturday.

What a glorious  day..,.  cool and sunny...  so different from the last few days   .. which were  wet and  rather dark..  but I love those kind of days, as well..
On those days I find my  style may a bit heavy handed... more serious... as per  the new dining decor...
that I shared previously this week..
 but today  my heart was more uplifted and merry..  and I tackled the sunroom..

I  just  love the  robin's egg blue of the  place mats  against the  golden  cloth...  Reminds me of a  gorgeous autumn sky against the  golden silver maples...
   Both colors are captured well in the arrangement  that I had actually used with the  apple setting of August.

I love how things can be utilized  in various tones and  themes  and work just as well,  but differently...Just shows how versatile God's  artistic palette truly is....  He is an awesome God!
I shared last week about how the sale at Pier One  had some  marvelous items on sale .. I bought the placemats and the napkins...really for a song... They only had 2 of the blue  napkins  with the embroidered  autumn  colors so majestically  designed... so I ordered 4 more of them. They arrived today!
arent the  colors  exquisite.....    they  are  so versatile... love them!
Like our  fabulous day these colors sing a happy song to me when I go out  into the sunroom.  I sat out there  at lunch and  read my Bible Study... awesome to be in His presence...  through His Word,
Happy Pink Saturday!

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