Saturday, October 15, 2016

Happiness is...

                        Today I am sharing on Pink Saturday.
Earlier today  I was  drawn  outside  by  a new sound....  a  soft whirring  that  signalled something new  and  rather exciting..
Then  out from  around the side  of the house  there  it came...
        One very happy gardener....dearest hubs....  with his brand spankin new  Cub Cadet mower...  There was actually a spring in his step today...For this self propelled mower actually WORKS!!!
Poor Hubs has  had a terrible time all summer with his  8 year old Honda mower. It was so heavy  and the   engine just didnt pull  up and around the  dips and rises in our yard...  I held my breath everytime  he mowed...  one particularly hot day I really thought we'd have to call the  ENTs  to come and rescue him....  but  if other men are like him... you may  know  he just  didnt want to give in to the fact that that Honda  was on its last legs..  never mind  he himself was  surely on his own..upon  full inspection. the Honda's  transmission had bitten the dust...  and finally  HUbs  was able to  make up his mind...

Thank goodness for  our friend,  Bob,  who  highly recommended  his  Cub Cadet  and  we  spent all week last week looking....  and found  just the one  we wanted  at a  great discounted price...and I am sighing a huge relief watching Hubs  sail  around the lawn instead of  huffing and puffing   as he  hauled  that  heavy Honda   up and  down and around!!!  Now   that Honda was great  while it was operational..  but  guys need to know  when to throw in the towel..!!   Now there is one happy  gardener!!!!!

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  1. We do tend to get attached to things,even lawn mowers, but time changes things. Glad he found one that makes the work easier. I am not familiar with that brand. I have a Toro with a key starter. Too hard for me to pull cord now.


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