Saturday, December 3, 2016

Wednesday Hodge Podge

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1. Give us three rhyming words that say something about your Thanksgiving holiday (or your most recent holiday gathering if you didn't celebrate Thanksgiving). 

Well, the last holiday we celebrated was  Christmas 2016 with our daughter's family in Massachusetts  earlier this week.  On Sunday  we started our  Christmas celebration that  actually lasted for  3 days!
The sweetest , brightest, and cheeriest  Christmas  
 we have ever  enjoyed
because   we were  visited by the Sugar Plum fairy  who   made    our hearts the happiest!

2. When did you last say, 'the more the merrier'? Did you mean it?

Last week when  we with our  family  were  celebrating with their  very special  friends  living  across  the country  from their  family... The Thanksgiving meal  was plentiful and  supremely  delicious...  the  company  was pure delight...if a bit  rambunctious

3. What's one piece of advice you'd give someone who is your same age?
Live life to the fullest....  overcome that  fear that  has held you  back from enjoying shared experienced.. take a chance and enjoy  the surprise  that comes  with being an overcomer...  for me it was daring to go ahead and  take the  small craft  boat ride  along the  coast in Newport, RI.. in Narragansett Bay..  Oh, my..  I'll never  forget how  wonderful it was!!!
 photo bOSTONTRIP2011099-1.jpg
4. You're ordering a veggie plate, what four veggies are on it?

Broccoli salad, roasted sweet potatoes, Hub's  fresh cooked kale, and my holiday curried peas with pearl onions and  pimiento!

5. Shop til you drop! Did you? Have you ever? Will you between now and Christmas?

The first  memory took me back to Williamsburg  when I was  about 40. I was with 3  teacher friends  and we were on  a  historic  vacation together  to experience  the  treasures  of  eastern  Virginia. On that  first day  we took the ferry ride to   Jamestown  and  shopped their  expansive gift shop, then walked the streets of Williamsburg, adding to our  expenses... the Outlet malls beckoned us   and we finished up at Waccamaw...  a  multiplex of  buildings each  designated for  certain  items,  baskets,  cook wear,  dishes and glass wear.. candles, decorative items.  wall art.. etc... Of course ,we pressed on  til we had seen it all...  I  collapsed back at the hotel...  and  only  by the grace of God and  my dearest friend, Becky's  life rejuvenating foot rub, did I  live  to go  another day!

6. What's your favorite chair in your house, and why is it a favorite?
There is nothing particularly spectacular  about it at all...  but it is my chair where I spend my quiet time! 

 photo latesummer2011038.jpg

7. Share an early memory of faith, religion, or spirituality.
One of my earliest memories  was me sitting on my front porch steps singing  a song to God.... about how  beautiful the day was.. If you had been there you would say it was just gibberish..  but in my heart I remember very clearly  that I was singing to was almost  like I was remember a language  that I had learned in heaven before   I was born...  anyway..  several years ago I  was attending a very spiritual church  and  many of the older women there  prayed in a prayer language,..  like what Paul referred to  an angelic  language..(If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal ..I Cor. 13:1)
Not  speaking in tongues  before man,  but  praying in a spiritual language...  with "groanings to  deep"  kind of prayer..  anyway  I  prayed for  God to  give me such a language. for I could  tell how blessed those women were  in their prayer  life.. Anyway.. I  sat in the above chair  and  started singing a  prayer to God  and  suddenly  I just started  singing  in   syllables I  didn't  conjure  up  but  were  flowing out of me and I  saw my toddler self sitting on the porch and it was  as if we were singing a duet of praise to God..and knew then that  God had honored my  request...  and  now when I   in my spirit  respond deeply to God, deep unto deep...  response to God,  my prayer will  go into that spiritual language that only  God can understand,  but I can feel His tangible  presence and  am blessed beyond measure.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  I will  attach my answer to Joyce's.. her   answer  is so  great...

"If you're a person who prays please remember the firefighters, emergency personnel, and residents of Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, and the surrounding Smoky Mountain area of East Tennessee where fires have devastated the beautiful landscape and many homes, buildings, and schools. The high winds yesterday contributed to the rapid spread and the photographs are devastating. It's a part of the country so near and dear to our hearts, and we have family not far from there."

Last night at the  Intercessors  for America prayer meeting  we discussed the  most important thing the church needs to do....
 keep praying... our nation is so divided and there are evil forces at work behind the scenes that   are  trying to  bring destruction  on many fronts.  We noticed  that the  group was  much less that it was  prior to the election...This is not the time to rest on our laurels... there is much work to be done in the heavenlies..
We must keep praying for our nation,  for  godly leadership, the cease of hostilities,   that  the enemy will  stop and  desist  from his evil  purposes  in our  nation. Much spiritual warfare is needed  for that one.  The church must stand firm against the devil and  say "NO!"in the name of Jesus.  There is much power in  the name of Jesus!!  And  to not forget Israel..  The UN resolution to divide even more  of their land is  on the table  and could  be  voted on  before mid January.  This must be stopped.

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