Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valentine Memories

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I cannot believe tomorrow  is February...  the month of  love and  sweet remembrance!

And when Im in a remembering state    I  really  love  the  joy of  vintage  valentines... Why didnt we ever keep all those  sweet sentiments of  friendship and blooming  love..., well, I know why,   but it is too bad we  couldnt  have  squirrelled them away some place...  many of them  are  probably  worth  quite a bit today..  but even then, it would be a shame to part with  any of them..
This one is a dear tribute to tea...  and tea  was on my mind  today  as I dressed the mantel!
Image result for vintage valentines day cards
First of all, I had to remove all the wintry  decor in the living room and  bring out the red roses...

 As I removed the  Christmas  greenery and  candlelight  garland  I thought  whoa.. time  for a change.. so I shopped the dining room for the  pair of small lamps.. That  felt wonderful to  have a  fresh  perspective...
then  I  dug out  my valentine  artifacts..I love the  velvet candy box Hubs gave me last year..

To  celebrate  tea  this week I  placed my  lovely  pink themed  Royal Albert  Country Rose  cup  under the cloche  at one end
 and at the other end  of the mantel   my  precious  English Thatched Cottage tea pot  with  heart roses  above the door...  If I lived in England, I'd chose to live there  in a cosy cott  with my love!!!

So   with that  I shall  continue my  sweet reverie  with the  following Victorian  valentines...   that  
spark    loving  memories of  bygone friends  and  special times  with  loved ones!!

Image result for vintage valentines day cards

Image result for vintage valentines day cards

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  1. Dear Schotzy:
    What a beautiful display. I especially love that tapestry. It looks so rich in color and detail. All your pieces are wonderful and the pedestal/cloche! Thanks for sharing and linking.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments and visit.. when I was linking up on your page today
      I was so charmed by all your very special Valentine touches. Your collections are exquisite!

  2. Your tea-themed Valentine made me smile. I'm also admiring your pretty RA teacup. Bring on heart month!

  3. I agree, Margie, it will be so lovely and exciting to see what this new month will bring... I'm ready for beauty, peace, and love.


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