Thursday, February 2, 2017

Contemplating Spring Tables

   I don't know why, but when I think spring, I think of  table scapes ...  so I  am taking a stroll back from my  springtime posts  to  get some  inspiration!!   Whether  I  was planning  a Seder  meal  for Passover,                                    
 photo Passover2012004.jpg
                or something a bit more  festive for Easter..
 photo earlyspring2012061.jpg
It's  just  such  fun to  work with the colors of  the season!!                                   photo Passover2012013.jpg
I  really enjoy using  my    inherited set of Syracuse  china   for     formal dinners.. even if  they are planned for just the two of's a time to bring out the Waterford, as well.
 photo Passover2012020.jpg

Or,  I enjoy thinking  of a new way to use my mom's apple dishes...
how  about  apple blossom time..

 photo 2013-04-20042552_zps6b05110f.jpg
This is why I love to  purchase  gorgeous  fabrics and  create my own  table runners!
Homemade napkins complete the  idea!
 photo 2013-04-19021915_zpsfd74e834.jpg

 photo 2013-04-19021812_zps0ec00f69.jpg
and shouldnt every apple tree  host a nest of bluebirds??
My mother's birthday was  in April  and we often were able to  have a lovely picnic  outside,   but  one year  we had the paper plates inside,   and the tulips dressed the table.
 photo 2013-04-12213048_zps22c7a07d.jpg
Dining in  the sunroom was  almost like  a springtime picnic!
 photo 2013-04-12213043_zps17f87c2a.jpg
Yellows of spring  most assuredly  inspire me..
 photo 2013-03-19031610_zpsd4feb482.jpg
Especially, if there will be bunnies~!!
But truly, it won't be too long  til  I will be  thinking  Irish thoughts... 
 photo 2013-03-12210533_zpscce1907f.jpg
Although, now that I've  enjoyed an Irish breakfast,  this  simple fare will never do!!!
 photo 2013-03-12210402_zps4f3c0113.jpg
Nay, it must include lovely  poached eggs,  rashers of bacon,  baked beans,  tomatoes,  and  slices of hot buttered   soda bread. yum...  uh, no, I will  leave the  black sausage  to  the imagination.
 Yes, now I am almost giddy with the prospect of all the fun spring will afford me...  

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  1. Irish theme for sure-- too cold to think about spring yet, and st. Paddy's day is right around the corner!


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