Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday's Fave Five

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This has been a great week  ...  I am always   pleased when I feel that I  have  had  a good  chance to reciprocate  for the  loving friendship  that  is shared with us...  So once   Hubs and I had fully committed to   our Valentine's Dinner party, it was all hands on deck  to get 'er done..
1.. It was one thing to plan a  party over the holidays when the house was all decorated and the  menu  seemed  simple,   but   when everyone  got  sick and the  event had to be  postponed,  the  air  sort of went out of the balloon...  But as Valentine's Day approached  it was exciting to  plan and prepare for  a very fun  event to share with our dear friends..So  we  celebrated  with  an
Italian Love Fest!
2. Ok, so Christmas is   a  wonderfully festive time when we  bring our our  reds and greens...  and   January  incorporates much of the same greens and    reds  with  snow and  a bit of blue  thrown in... Then  we remove the snow and blue and green and focus on the red for  Valentine's Day..
Just a  tweak of red  and    add in  the "LOVE"
   And    It  begins  to  feel  much more romantic around the house....
3.Because  now it is time to  pack away the red and  think  pastels... 
with temps like ours  in the  60's and 70's....  flowers are budding out  everywhere...

  I'm not even sure  what this is....   maybe a Dutch Iris...   but  it is  gorgeous and  I love
the purple....  Next week I will  scour the  storage  boxes  for everything purple...  I know I don't have much  but  this is definitely its time to shine~~~
4.  The cutest thing is going on  right behind me at the kitchen sink..  tonight is  our monthly dinner  party with Hub's  cousins  who live in the area..  We started  this about 2 years ago  and it has  been  wonderful...  heretofore,  we  didn't feel like we had  local family,  because  he didn't think he had  any cousins except  the  gals with whom he had never been very close...  until  Marnee moved here from  Richmond,  and  she shook us out of our doldrums and has gotten us together every month and  we love it so much...Tonight  we are  ordering pizza  and bringing salads...  Hubs is  busily making  the   most  amazing  tossed salad  ever!
What can I say??It is almost poetic!!

5.  Speaking of Hubs!
In the  last  few weeks  he has     reorganized his office,    removed  the old wallpaper,  patched the  huge cracks revealed behind the wallpaper,  painted the room and all the trim,,,  removed the  glued down carpet and  mastic,  and refinished the floors.  The   room had way too much  furniture  so we have purged  some and  thrown a lot of stuff away..  soon he will  redesign the layout  for the  two desks  and  filing system... and bookcase... we hope to  hide  the loose "Stuff " in these  great  baskets on the shelves.
I can't wait to share  finished project  next week on FFF!


  1. sounds like a really productive week! yay for havung friends and family over for dinner!,

  2. I love the progression of your decorating!Your Italian love fest sounds like a lot of fun. How nice to have flowers blooming - we won't have any for a few weeks yet, most likely. Fun to have relatives to get together with near you! That office project looks like it is going to be amazing.

  3. What a great tradition to have that cousin meal. Pizza and salads...fabulous. Hope all the re-decorating goes well!

  4. I love the idea of a regular monthly dinner with family or friends. And your touches of red this month do keep the festive look going.

  5. We don't do enough family get-togethers so I envy your luck of being close to yours. I'm new here, glad to meet you.

  6. Your renovation of that room sounds like it is going to be a great improvement. I'm looking forward to the photos of the new look.
    It's a blessing when family gets together. I applaud hub's cousin for pushing for it.
    Have a happy week!


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