Thursday, February 9, 2017

Italian Love Fest

I will explain  a bit later in my post how  this  tablescape came  to be  imagined...  but I will tell you I am having a lovely dinner party 

 on Valentine's evening for  some dear friends.. it is actually a make up dinner from the holidays...  so I  wanted to make it special and memorable.
OK, yes the seasonal tree needs some work... but first I have to find my birds that I put away last fall  in a place Id be sure to find them later..  eh!!!

Now I do not want to  make it  so memorable that we  create  a bonfire on the table...that would be a bit too dramatic...

  So  I am hoping to find some  flameless candles for the  candelabra...and, of course, I am hoping    that  sweetheart  will accommodate me with just the right color of roses  prior to the  event!  hehehehe
I enjoy  using  this Royal Stafford  pottery   from Burslem.. I have no idea  what the   pattern is called...  but I found them  at Home Goods  and love the romantic theme of them.. the script, the  rustic  look,  just the  romantic  floral design... it recalls  an Olde World charm that  suits me so well,.! hahaha And  I  needed a soup bowl  for our meal..
I haven't decided  what flatware to use...  I  want to use  my  Joan of Arc  but it needs a bit of polishing..  funny how we wait until   we  need  it desperately  before we  get that task done!!!
However, the scroll work on the   handles  pairs nicely with the  pottery, I think.

We  won't be serving wine  at this  partee...  so I am  using    my cut glass tumblers..  actually I bought them years ago  from the Dollar Tree.. but they were made in the good ole USA,  which I love!!!!
I  didn't have enough of the  dark brown  napkins for 6   in order to double the napkins, so  I shopped at   Stein mart and found 4   gorgeous taupe napkins($1.49)   and paired them with the two  darker host napkins...  Hopefully,  our guests will think  it was purposely done for    design  hahaha.. but between you and me..  you know,  we must do what we  must do!!!  Of course,  after  I post this  all the   the  implements of the  table will  be  washed, ironed and  set afresh  come  next Tuesday,  but it is fun to  plan ahead   for every eventuality.. and,  again, I have to  make sure  Hubs  finds exactly the right color of roses  for me!  
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So I've  had  some folks ask me   what are you fixing, so here  it is with  photo and  recipe...  I bet  some of you will  be inspired, as well!!

You see, last week I happened to be watching  Valerie's Home Cooking

  and  I have always thought  her food looked amazing and  to watch her  make it...  it seemed  easy....... at the time..  yikes.... But, anyway, I was so inspired  by her  menu  I thought  "That's it!  That's what I want to fix  for  one of my makeup dinner parties"...  even though it didn't really fit  my idea  of  a dinner..  but then I thought  "why not...   it's a dinner  PARTEEEE!!!"    
I was so inspired I went right out and purchased  an Italian made  canape' tray...and an olive tree!!!  I mean mood is  important...right???

It just so happened that  the date  that suited everyone was Valentine's day and I immediately thought of a name for our partee!!!
 Valerie"s  Italian Love Fest
Note: Each food item links to its recipe!
Prosciutto Bruschetta
Cream Cheese Crab Spread with Homemade Crostini

Classic Panzanella

Grilled Romaine with Balsamic Dressing

Pasta e Fagioli
I am sort of glad  even though  there is  a lot of bread in the menu..  hahaha, I am not  making a ton of each item.. just a  taste,  and hopefully  the  awesome cake will be fully appreciated  because it does look  amazingly delicious and will be the star of the show!


  1. It all sounds delicious! I am sure your guests will enjoy!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

  2. I had no idea Valerie B. had a cooking show! This looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  3. Your food choices look great and I love that candelabra.


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