Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bringin' Out the Green!

  Don't you love Pinterest....  I  have been looking for inspiration for  St. Patrick's Day...
  and  you can find it and more there.  Peruse  that    board and you'll  recognize many fine bloggers along the way...   Another board offers even more  fabulous  examples of   implementing the "green"!   I  can peruse my own backlog of photos   on  March decor...  and I wish I had   thought about  tulips...  but then  our   season is so early,  I  have blossoms  everywhere.. every  blooming tree  in our community is   laden with  white,  pink, and  lilac  blooms..

 Last year I  pulled forth every thing that  was Irish  and    created  my Celtic table..but  there again.. the  spring before  that  we had  travelled   all around Ireland and  I was  still reeling  in a jiggy  expectation of  St. Patrick's Day!!!

Now here is something I must put on my  list...  I love Shamrocks.... 
I have learned to be  a bit  imaginative  in using what I have to create  a  seasonal mood  for the table.. I mean,  I  wish I could  buy every  beautiful  dish I see...  I think my daughter thinks  china is an idol to me...  well,   I don't worship  it,  but  it is   a weakness  to me.  but  storage  necessarily  stays my hand  when I see so much to choose from.. Anyway, I  love to pair  pieces together...  so here I have my  Mikasa  white dishes  layered with  a green  clean glass salad plates and topped with  a  bread plate, 6 of which I ordered from   Replacements..  Johnson Brothers,  Fruit Basket pattern in green.

I have an assortment of green and white napkins that  I love to  fold in  spiraled roses and center in each plate...

My  inexpensive green goblets  purchased at Walmart  , even though  a  varied  tone of green completes  the look,  but  I love the  various tones,  for  Ireland  is a land  of  every green  imaginable..
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One thing  I love about the Irish is their    desire to  bless  though their many  verses  and saying. 
May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow and may trouble avoid you wherever you go! 
And even though  Ive been there and back,, this poem  speaks  straight to my heart~~
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Tablescape Thursday


  1. I love Irish sayings too! I also really like those rose folded napkins. Very clever. Nice table!

  2. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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