Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Simple Woman Day Book

For Today~ May 1, 2017

Happy Day Day
 Out my window... 
The rain  clouds are  brewing..  the  reports are  for  bad storms today so  I  fear  the  blossoms will be beaten down this week!  

I am thinking...
how very blessed we are....   and  it isn't anything we've done..  it is all  God!!

I am thankful..
I just had a telephone call  from a  sweet dear cousin,  who   due to terrible circumstances  about 10 years ago  she lost everyone.  within  a four month period.  She lost her husband,  mother, and mother..  She like my self  is an only child and  she basically had no one  on which to call upon..  she lives  a few hours away,  and  another cousin  tired to  do all he and his family could to  lead her  in  what  needed to be done  about her  living arrangements,  but  she became easy prey  on people  she had trusted  who  took advantage of her..and her  circumstances rapidly  when upside down.  It got so bad  that  many of the  local family members were actually  fearful  for their own   lives  because of  the ne'er do wells  who were controlling her at that time...all  we could do was  pray for her... And  I had many praying for her...  today she called and  her life is completely turned  around.  She  still has major issues  to take care of...  but   she is  loving her solitude,  peace, and  had learned  contentment in her circumstances... and God is blessing her..  meeting her needs  and  she  sounds  good.  She had been without a phone for  several years...  so now  we an at least  call her...  Thank you  for answering our prayers.

I am wearing...
white Capri's and turquoise  tee!

I am watching.....
I continue to watch Escape to the Country  on Youtube.. it is my  escape to    wonderful Great Britain  the countryside and  beautiful period homes...  love these so much...  as I said before, there are scads of episodes on line

I am  reading...
Redeemed by  Angela Thomas- Pharr Bible Study

I am listening to...
talk radio .... RUSH!

I am hoping...
that this  low back pain will  finally  diminish....  it came with my  sinus infection..  and that is  finally  getting better with  irrigation and  new  sprays

I am learning...
to trust... trust... trust  the Lord

In the kitchen...
Hubs  made  the most delicious french  toast  made from  sliced french bread  and  enough bacon.. that we could  have  BLT's  for lunch... We have discovered Mrs. Pauls'  Fish sandwich fillets in the freezer section.  They are   absolutely  scrumptious...    One of those each with  some   potato  quarters  roasted in  OO  and  onion  soup mix  makes  a great  dinner with a side salad...

In my garden~
the glory of  spring  shrubs and   blossoming trees  has passed...

and the   garden is begging for  annuals...
I am really hoping to get over to  Riverside   green houses they have the best plants  in the area!  

Board Room
I love being a member of the friends of the library here in our area,  for when they  have the used book sales  I  get first dibs at the books.  I shared before  that I  have always been a Jan Karon fan..  I love her Mitford series,  but  got side tracked a few years ago and haven't really read  any of her newer novels,,  But I  found  two at the  sale last week,   and they  are hard cover  which I  love!!
  Here  is my   board of   books  currently on my reading list..
I'm reading this one first...
Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good (Mitford) - http://www.darrenblogs.com/2016/09/somewhere-safe-with-somebody-good-mitford/:

Shared Quote
Some  quotes form  Jan's first book, At Home in Mitford..
“Lord, make me a blessing to someone today.” 

“The firefly only shines when on the wing, So it is with us--when we stop, we darken.” 

“Are you reading your Bible?"
Ah, well...I was."
And then you quit."
You got it."
Then, you can expect to be weak on one of your flanks, and that's precisely where the Enemy will come after you with a vengeance.” 

“Sorrow and joy, he thought, so inextricably entwined that he could scarcely tell where one left off and the other began.” 

“Well, I'm going to church. But I've got to tell you that it's full of hypocrites.

My friend, if you keep your eyes on Christians, you will be disappointed every day of your life. Your hope is to keep your eyes on Christ.” 

Charming and inspirational writing!!!

Closing Notes
This week I finish the Redeemed Bible Study...
The main premise of the study is to draw closer to God in relationship  through journaled  prayer...  My  prayer  now is to  never  let up on  the habit that  has been  started and   firmly implant it in my  daily  routine!  


  1. So glad your cousin is doing better. I hope you have a great week.

  2. I'm glad things are better for you cousin, and I'll add her to my prayers. I love seeing all your flowers. They're lovely! I look forward to seeing your future Daybooks. :)


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