Monday, May 8, 2017

The Simple Woman's Day Book

For Today~ May 7, 2017

Happy Day Day
 Out my window... 
 A beautiful, clear,   day with  a bit of crispness in the atmosphere...  no  haze...  just  fresh air.. love it!
 photo Copy10ofSpringridetoBedford002.jpg
I am thinking...
how very blessed we are....   and  it isn't anything we've done..  it is all  God!!

I am thankful..
that   God, the Father,  has provided  Dr.s  with the    ability   to  help their patients  with more and more non-invasive procedures that make  life so much more delightful..  Thank you, Father , for your loving care  you provide to us  through your  vessels  of medical acumen and  ability!

I am wearing...
jeans and  white blouse

I am watching.....
those    romantic chic flicks  on Hallmark
like Love Blossoms...

I am  reading...
Redeemed by  Angela Thomas- Pharr Bible Study

I am listening to...

talk radio again,  but is Hubs  fault.

I am hoping...
to  have  face time with my girls  soon...  I'm anxious to hear about their fun weekend this past weekend

I am learning...

that  God has my back,,  all the time!!!

In the kitchen...
Hubs is actually making  it as I type..   fresh  corn on the cob, hot dogs, and  chips salsa  and  guacamole!!
Related image
In my garden~
My   beginnings of  a lavender  crop....

I am  loving my new variegated  geraniums.
 I have high hopes for this  potted garden  as  it  really   gets started!!
 Angel wing begonias always do well in this area..   I believe this plant has  grown  a bit in just a few days!
 I am loving  the blue salvia  perennial along with the  yellow yarrow!!
Finally, the Knock Out roses   are    making a statement

Board Room

Yes, when  Hubs  is in the kitchen it has to be talk radio,  and as my computer station is in here  I have  do follow suit,  but    I much much prefer to be listening to anything on my pinterest list,  such as  music by Kevin Kern,  Yiruma,  Beegie Adair, Anuna,  Dougie Mc Lean, and  Christ Botti.  Check some out at my pinterest page.

Shared Quote

I love the quote  in this months  Tea Time Magazine.. 
All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel , Mother!

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Closing Notes
 Happy Mother's Day to all you  wonderfully  nurturing moms in blogland.  God bless you!!!


  1. Your gardens and flower containers are beautiful! So many varieties of flowers and such vivid colors! Dinner that you husband was making sounds delicious - especially the salsa, guacamole, and chips.

  2. Your flowers are absolutely stunning! I want to have flowers and gardens here so bad, but I am so afraid of snakes hiding about in them. Copperheads are a terrible problem here. I love the picture at the top. Is that from one of your road trips? I am looking forward to your next Daybook entry. :)


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