Thursday, September 7, 2017

One Thousand Gifts 801-808

It has been  over a year since I posted  thanksgiving  for  all the  small wonders, miracles, and  blessings  God has  poured over me...Ever since I first read Ann Voskamp's book

I have tried to be  much more vigilant in recognizing God's hand in my life...  is small mercies that are new every morning!!
It has taken me a few years to  get  to my 800th  item  which is  not a very  optomistic  thing to admit...  for  I could have  written  on untold  myriads of blessings  he has  gifted on me. I am  rather repentant  in not  keeping up with this listing  because I realize that without  God am and can do nothing.
I like to use Ann's  calendar   provided on her website  of  types of  things to think about and    share...  so  starting with  September first  I will  allow her  listing to  inspire my memories  of the last week,
801.  Last night  coming out  of choir  the  rising  full moon  took my breath away...  I didnt have my  camera  but I found  this one online...  the  Full Corn moon.... 
Related image
which reminds me  so much of the  delicious summer corn we have been  purchasing at our local  farmer's market!

Image result for corn on cob

Fresh corn is one of summer's best  wonders of the vine  or should I say, stalk!

802.Sunday I was privileged to  be able to  provide the  morning refreshments for our Sunday school class.. I spent the early hours trimming  the fruit for a  fruit platter...
Related image
the strawberries indeed were a huge hit.. they were  so  juicy and  plump...thank you, Lord, for  the varieties  of summer....  such a  delicious bounty of beauty and  sweetness!!

803.  Also, on Sunday, our visiting daughter and her family  had made arrangements  for  casual  family  photographs to be made.  We were told to  choose  coordinating colors of  blue and pastels...  Our  precious  grands  donned  yellow.. one of my favorite colors...special colors  and  wonderful memories  to cherish!
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804.  Early this week  the temperatures were rather warm,  but  there was  a hint of   autumn in the breeze...a perfect day  for me to sit out on the porch and  do a  bit of bird journalling.
I couldn't believe the only birds I saw in over an hour  was  an American Crow  and a Cardinal...
Image result for american crow      Image result for cardinal
805. Last night  a  dip in the jet stream brought  much cooler  temps and  refreshing  rain to our mostly parched lawn.. I love  listening to the pitter patter of rain at night. This morning  we enjoyed our coffee  on the porch  as we were  draped in our  sweaters and  long  flannels...  it  was a  pleasure to put my whites  away for the season!!!

806.  I love to look out the back  when the  mums  begin to  bloom...  their  gorgeous  green  growth is  verdantly  rich and healthy looking,  but the miracle of blooms  is breath-taking.
 photo celebratorsconf001.jpg

807.  Today we had the  great opportunity to serve some of our best friends, Gerri and David.  Gerri had a knee replacement last week and  hubs and I  made dinner  to serve them today...It is such a blessing to  be  able to   do something  that demonstrates  the love of Christ    especially to such precious Hubs  told me  it had to be the same dish a friend  served us  when I had  major surgery a few years ago.
Poppyseed Chicken Casserole
2 cups chicken diced   (you can use canned)   
          1 can cream of chicken soup                     
       8 ounces sour cream                               
         2 tablespoons ground poppyseeds                 
              1 sleeve ritz crackers                     1 stick melted butter                                                                                          
Combine the first four ingredients.  Set aside.  Melt the butter and crumble the crackers.  Put together and spread half of the mixture in a casserole dish.  Pour in the chicken mixture.  Put the remainder of the crackers on top.  Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.  Serve over rice.
Pure comfort food!

808.  What a blessing to  look over in Baa Baa's chair and  see  little one,, our oldest grand,  entertaining herself with one of her books. She isnt even 4 yet,  but  so bright and talented...  God bless her  as much as she blesses me!

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