I love to study my genealogy.  I have traced my family back several generations back to Scotland, Ireland, England, and Germany.  I get excited with each new revelation of my lineage and former homelands.  I am particularly interested in my Scottish heritage. 
One line   (BLAIR) I have traced is that of my maternal grandmother...starting with her...
Pauline Higgins –Roy Cox

Tom Higgins- Ella Blair

William Sydney Blair- Martha Watson

Lorenzo Dow Blair - Emeline James

Lorenzo Dow Blair married Miss Emeline James. They had two sons and three daughters. Their son, William, married Miss Martha Watson; their son, Lorenzo Dow, has several daughters; they lived near Galax, Va.

John Blair- Charity Bourne Charity was born in Louisa County

Wife: Charity Bourne born Louisa County VA

Date of Marriage: August 6, 1793

Place of Marriage: Grayson County, Virginia
Thomas Blair – Mary Jones
Mary Jones was daughter of Minitree Jones-

John Blair married Charity Bourne

William Bourne married Rosamond Jones

Minitre Jones married. ___ Spottswood

Churchill Jones married ____ Minitree

James Jones, bother to John Paul Jones A Churchill

Early History of Thomas Blair
Tory was the name given to that class of colonists who sided with England, the mother country, in the bitter struggle of the Revolutionary War. The colonists under the lead of the liberals were known as Whigs. Both great and noble causes in that period of history. Each man to choose the side of his belief, and when the bitter struggle was over, pledge his allegiance to the United States of America and unite to make a better country.

Thomas Blair was from Scotland and was a Captain in the Tory Army. Blair along with his company was defeated in North Carolina. Thomas Blair was left for dead upon the battlefield. A bayonet was run through Thomas Blair until the crook was fast between his ribs and a foot had to be placed upon his body to draw the weapon from him. Blair recovered and returned to his company, but soon became tired of the British service and fled to the mountains of southwest Virginia. It was here that he made a flax wheel to use in the support of his family and settled down in the mountains.There were others who left the British Army at the same time and turned to plundering throughout the country. A Company of men was sent out to capture these villains. Captain William Love of Wytheville, then Montgomery County, found Blair and although he was living peaceful, they fell upon him and hacked him in a dreadful manner. Blair survived the terrible ordeal and proceeded to build an Iron Works on Chestnut Creek. This was the first iron made on the wet running water, except one built by Captain Andrew Kincannon on the North Fork of the Holston River. Blair and William Bourne built Point Hope Furnace in Grayson County. Later in partnership with his sons-in law, Greenberry G McKenzie and Caleb Bobbitt, the Popular Camp Furnace was built in Wythe County, VA.

Thomas Blair signed as a surety for William Bourne when he became the first Clerk of Grayson County Court. He did not take an active part in county government but was a large landowner, having eleven tracts of land on Chestnut Creek. Thomas Blair's son, John Blair, and his two sons-in-law, Greenberry G. McKenzie and Caleb Bobbitt were all three active in early Grayson County.Thomas Blair's will was written the tenth day of October 1797 and probated in Grayson Court in January 1806. Blair died, according to John Bryant, with a fit of the colic, said to have been caused by the bayonet wound received in battle. He left ten pounds of Virginia currency to his beloved daughter, Rebeka McKenzie; ten pounds of Virginia currency to his beloved daughter, Nancy Bobbitt; the balance of his estate to Mary, his wife and John Blair, his son. Thomas Blair's estate was considerable with a large amount of household goods. Among his personal property was a fiddle; 29 Moravian Pipes; 100 lbs. of tobacco; 141 lbs. of tallow; 2607 lbs. of steel; 1377 lbs. of drawn steel; and a gun weighing 100 lbs. He owned seven slaves and much land. He was considered one of the wealthiest men of his day. He is buried in Blair Cemetery, Carroll County, VA, this being a part of the Blair Plantation.

The Revolution information about Thomas Blair is from "The Walter Clark Manuscripts", Statement of John Bryan, 1823, Stack File # P.C.B.1, North Carolina Archives, Page 537. Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolution, Volume I, gives an Abstract N0- Account of stoppages due from the North Carolina Militia to his Majesty's Hospital at Wilmington, NC between the 9th and 24th of April 1781. Colonel Pyle's Company lists a Thomas Blair and a John Bryant. To me this verifies, as near as possible, the deposition of Thomas Blair, given by John Bryant. In "Central Pennsylvania Marriages 1770 to 1896" by Fisher on Page 71 a Thomas Blair of 8th PA Co. married a Mary Ann Jones ca. 1770. Thomas and Mary's son, John Blair, was born in 1772 in PA, according to the 1850 Carroll Co. census. In the 1870 ca of Howard Co., MO, their daughter, Nancy Blair Bobbitt states she was born in NC.

Also, my maternal grandmother was a Higgins   
whose ancestors came to Virginia in the mid 1600's from  Waterford, Ireland.  The Higgins's married into the Boggesses  who were founding families of Northumberland County in Tidewater, Virginia.

John Bogges was born about 1566 in Wales. Elizabeth was born about 1570.

Married in 1591.

Robert Bogges M. Mary Boggess Gervis Dodson M. Christen Hare

B. 1620 England B. BEF 1639 Eng Dec 17, 1620 St. Peter Nottingham, Eng

D. 10 Feb 1660/1661 in Great Wicocomoco

Henry Boggess M. Kathreine Dodson

B. 1649 England B. 1649 Virginia

D. 1697 Virginia

Henry Boggess M. Mary Bennett

B. 1679 St. Stephens, Northumberland, Va B. 1685 Cherry Point, Northumberland

D. 1727 D. 1743

Henry Boggess Brother to Robert in notes M. Jane Cox,Dau of Vincent Cox, Jr &Jane
Very interesting note on Vincent Cox, the elder,  found at this website!
B. Dec.6, 1705 St. Stephens, NU Co, Va B. 1713 Westmoreland, County

Richard Baugess M. Nancy McCarter

B. Before 1758 Near Fairfax B. 1754

D. 1822 Traphill, NC


Fannie Baugess M. John Higgins

B. 1789 Wilkes, Nc Traphill B.

Thomas Higgins M. Mary Edwards

B. 1803

D. 1877

Hardin Preston Higgins M. Silvia Stoneman

B. 1843

Thomas Higgins M. Ella Blair

Pauline Higgins M. Roy Thomas Cox

Now for my maternal grandfather's line.. the Cox clan
The Cox family originated in Normany, but came to the British Isles along with the Norman Invasion some time after 1066 AD where they spent some four hundred to five hundred years. They migrated to America in the middle of the seventeenth century.

1st Gen:

William COX,, Gloucestershire,ENGland, New Castle co,DE; Married Amy


WILLIAM COX, b. 1692, New Castle, Delaware,England; d. January 20, 1767, Cane Creek, Orange NC; m. CATHERINNA KINKEY,daughter of Harmom and Margery Kinkey 1716, New Castle, Delaware, England. William was a good business man. The town meeting met often times in his drawing room in Hockessin, near New Castle, DE. . For some reason William entered into difficulties with the meeting (Quaker) and was disowned in 1750. In 1757 he acknowledged hoping for ye future through divine assistance to be more careful. He left Delaware with the following reference. “He left these parts in reputable circumstances was a diligent attender of meeting for many years and as a member among us we think hih worthy of his notice and care of friends.” William Cox became by grants and purchase the owner of a very large estate. He and his sons were loyal Quakers and sturdy pioneers with a profound love of liberty, but they would not hesitate to contend for their rights, even to resort to force of it became necessary. He and his sons were regulators- a body of freedom loving citizens who were working for lower taxes from the King’s officers. All of his sons fought the Battle of Alamance just after William’s death in 1767. This was some years prior to the signing of the Declaration.

3rd Gen:

Solomon Cox, Mill Creek, New Castle co,DE; [mentioned in 1753 as member of Cane Creek MM, Orange co,NC], Ross co,OH; marr.(ca.1757, Orange co,NC)Ruth Naomi Cox

[condemned misconduct in 1757 at Cane Creek MM,NC]

SOLOMON COX, b. 1731, Mill Creek, New Castle County, Delaware; d. 1812, Ross County, Ohio

He moved to Orange County NC in 1753. He later moved to Cole Creek, Virginia and built a log cabin in 1773. he was sought after during the Revolution for his participation with the Regulators. He fought in the Battle of King’s Mountain in NC in 1780. The original parchment on which he was granted land was signed by Richard Henry Lighthorse Harry Lee.(Robert E Lee’s father). Lee was Governor of Va. Solomon died in 1812 in Ross Co. Ohio.

4th Gen:

Enoch Cox, b.abt 1757, Deep river section of Orange co,NC d.28 Mar 1840, Grayson co,VAmarr.1: 9 Jan 1781, Chatham co,NC Mary Mackey (abt 1753 - abt 1829) marr.2: abt 1831, Grayson co,VA Sally Stoneman He married Mary Mackey Jan. 9, 1781. The final year of the revolution. He married outside the Quaker faith and was disowned. He married a second time at age 70 to Sally Stoneman who was in her thirties. They are buried in the Quaker cemetery.

5th Gen:

Enoch Jr.Cox born Aug. 19, 1792 married Nancy davis and settled on the part of his father’s farm on Cole Creek

6th Gen

Solomon Cox CONFEDERATE VIRGINIA TROOPS 67th Regiment, Virginia Militia married Frankie Edwards. Solomon was a contemporary of Elizabeth Cooley and can be researched through her diary.

7th Gen:

Thomas Marion Cox married Luvenia Rosetta Gardner April 1, 1849. He was a farmer on the original Cox farm on Cole Creek- site of Lou’s home.

8th Gen:

Roy Thomas Cox-Born June 30, 1895, married Pauline Higgins(May 7, 1906) on May 13 1922. Served in the 137th Aerosquadron AEF as an aircraft mechanic (carpenter) during WWI in England and France. After the war he married Pauline, farmed and later went into the dairy business. He named his place Hide-Away Farm. He set the example in the community for fine techniques in field management in keeping his fence rows clean and fields cleared. He inherited the fine qualities of the Cox clan- love of country, shrewdness, keenness of mind. He loved history and held high expectations of his family. His strong faith in god and obeisance of God’s will. Established him as a giant among men. He was highly respected in the church community and in agricultural circles. He sired six daughters. He went to be with the Lord on April 21, 1982.

Mitchell/ Lindsey/Watson/Blair

Gen. 11 John Mitchell b. 1682 died Feb. 14, 1771 Derry County, Ireland

Married Mary Boyd b. 1685-1771

Gen. 10 Robert Mitchell b. 1714 Londonderry, Ireland d. 1799

Married Mary Enos (Innis) b. 1718 Edinburgh, Scotland

Father: Richard Enos

Mother: Susannah emigrated to Pequa, PA – Bedford County, VA

Gen. 9 Stepher Mitchell b. 1754 Lancaster, PA d. Nov. 23, 1806

Married Keturah (Kitty) Wade b. Mar. 8, 1783

Gen. 8 Martha Mitchell b. Sept. 9, 1787 Bedford, VA

Married William Lindsey b. Sept. 9, 1792 d. June 21, 1876 First Clerk of Court Carroll County, VA

Father: Henry Lindsey b. 1769 d. 1845 Carroll, Co

Mother: Elizabeth Smith b. Dec. 25, 1791 in Henry County

Father: William Lindsey born 1731 Essex,Co. Va

Mother: Mary Barksdale 1754 Caroline Co

Father: James Lindsey 1700-1782 Caroline Co

Mother: Sarah Daniel

Father: Reuben Lindsey born in Scotland


Lindsay Code No.: L0063

Surname: Lindsey

Earliest Known Proven Progenitor: Henry Lindsey b. Jan. 16, 1769 Virginia, d. Nov. 5, 1845 Carroll County, VA, married Elizabeth Smith, December 25, 1791 Henry County, Virginia.

Gen. 7 Charlotte Lindsey b. 1822

Married John Watson on Sept. 10, 1845

Father: Michael Watson

Mother: Judith Parrish

Gen. 6 Martha Josephine Watson b. April 20, 1857 d. Feb. 1924

Married William Sydney Blair b. Nov. 3, 1850 d. Feb. 21, 1934

Gen.5 Ella Mildred Blair

Marred Thomas Higgins

Gen. 4 Pauline Higgins b. 1904

Married Roy Thomas Cox b. 1895

Now for my dad's line:
I will again take the line to my grandparents

Lineberry Clan

Interestingly, I have four Jacob Lineberrys in different forms in my ancestry. They are:

Jacob Leyenberger, b. @ 1700 in  Braunschweig,Germany

Jacob Leyenberger II, b. @ 1730 in Braunschweig, Germany

Jacob Lineberry III, b. @ 1751 in Orange, NC

Jacob Lineberry IV, b. 1771 in Randolph, NC

Jacob Leyenberger II's sibling was Francis Lineberger, so obviously the surname changed spellings quite a bit with this generation. The children I have noted for Francis Lineberger adopted the surname Linberry...

From what has been published, we have found the a Jacob Lineberry b 1725 in Brunsweigh (Brunswick) Germany, the Hartz Mountain region and resided in the Palatinate district of Germany and generally followed the migrations of the Palatines through Holland and the Jersey to Pennyslvania and hence southward. Our arrived in 1752.

Jacob Leyenberger Sr• Birth: ABT 1700 in Germany 1

• Death: in North Carolina 1

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Leyenberger*

• Married: 1


1. Jacob Leyenberger II b: ABT 1730 in Braunschweig, Germany

• Jacob Leyenberger II 1

• Name: Jercob Luigunbugner

married Catherine Leyenberger* b: ABT 1721

The immigrant ancestor of the Lineberry

family of Orange, Guilford), Randolph and Chatham counties in

North Carolina (and subsequently in many states), is believed

to be Jacob Lineberry I (Luijunburger), b. between 1717-1724

Jacob Lineberry (Leinburgher, Leyenberger) received a

grant of 242 acres from Henry Eustace McCulloh on June 9, 1763

in Orange County, NC. It is unclear whether this is the first

Jacob or the second Jacob. Orange County was formed from

Bladen, Johnston, and Granville Counties in 1752, Chatham and

Guilford were formed from Orange (1770), and Randolph formed in


On Feb. 6, 1773, Jacob and Catherine

Lienburger/Lujenberger deeded Francis and George Linebarger 121

acres each. This was part of the McCulloh land, and by this

time it lay in Guilford county. Jacob Lineberry, Sr. received

a state grant for 240 acres, in Chatham Co., S. Fork of Rocky

River, part of which (24 acres) they deeded to Jacob Linberger,

Jr. on Feb. 14, 1780. This land adjoined Jacob Lineberry's

land and James Youngblood,

Another tract of 100 acres in Chatham county, a state

grant of March 3, 1779, adjoined David Fox, Matthew Jones, and

vacant land.

Jacob Lineberry III 1 2• This line became known as the Randolph Lineberry's.

• Birth: ABT 1751 in Orange, North Carolina 3 4 5

• Death: 29 SEP 1821 in Randolph, North Carolina 1 6

Marriage 1 Mary Catherine Youngblood b: ABT 1751 in Randolph, North Carolina

• Married: ABT 1770 in North Carolina

Jacob Lineberry IV 1

• According to The Settlements Jacob "took some part in the

county government but was not as active as most his neighbors.

In 1806 he was designated by the court to view the road

proposed from Crooked Creek by the lower forge to Grayson

Courthouse and later he was on the grand jury and was appointed

as overseer of the road."

• Birth: 1771 in Randolph, North Carolina 1 2 3 4

• Death: 17 JAN 1852 in Carroll, Virginia 3 4

1 Mary Fanning b: 1771

• Married: ABT 1799 in Randolph, North Carolina 12 1 13

Jacob P Lineberry

• Birth: 1811 in Grayson, Virginia 1 2 3 4

• Death: 13 MAY 1887 in Carroll, Virginia 5 6 7 8 9 10

• Burial: 1887 Hebron, Carroll, Virginia 11

Marriage 1 Piety T Smith b: 09 DEC 1810 in Virginia

• Married: 04 NOV 1833 in Grayson, Virginia 12 11 13 3 14

Jacob Lineberry

• A Jacob Lineberry had a pension application in 1924 in Carroll

that says he was drafted into the 29th VA. and detailed to make


• Birth: 02 FEB 1846 in Carroll, Virginia 1 2 3 4 5

• Death: 12 DEC 1929 in Carroll, Virginia 6 7

• Burial: AFT 12 DEC 1929 Hebron Cemetery, Carroll, Virginia 8

Father: Jacob P Lineberry b: 1811 in Grayson, Virginia

Mother: Piety T Smith b: 09 DEC 1810 in Virginia

Marriage 1 Mary Bowers b: 18 JUL 1853

• Married: 07 JAN 1869 in Carroll, Virginia 9 10

• Andrew Shelton Lineberry

Birt 1 Pearley V Johnson b: ABT 1877

• Married: 01 AUG 1895 in Carroll, Virginia 3 4

Marriage 2 Elva Sharp

• Married: 08 DEC 1915 in Carroll, Virginia 4

h: 1875 in Carroll, Virginia

Shelton and Elva were my paternal grandparents!
That's all for now... more to come in a future installment!