Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Aslan is on the Move!!

Goodness does time ever fly when you're having a good time! I have been so very busy I dont know if Im coming or going,  but the trip  is   awesome!!  My  best friends and prayer  pals  started  a prayer initiative  2 years ago  tht has grown into  quite  an amazing  journey  uniting God's  people  from  several denominations  to come together to exalt   the one who  unites us... Jesus Christ. In this time  that Ive been  absent,  I helped create  another blog,   which  demontrates all the amazing activity in which I have been    involved in.... mainly, since our   efforts have been preparing the spiritual soil of our community,  we  have  joined together with  Intercessors for America to  create  a new initiative   to Transform Roanoke.  I just got that blog up and running  today!... I hope to be able to    get back to Wings of Eagles,  soon...  but  meanwhile Aslan is on the move in  our personal lives and  corporately!   Please visit these other two blogs and  let me know  what you think about it all..  Id love to dialog about any of it!!!

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